You’ve Still Got Plenty Of Time To Have Bachelor Peter Weber As Your Pilot

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Becoming the Bachelor means putting the rest of your life on hold — at least for the next several months. This includes taking time away from your job, which can prove to be difficult, especially for those like Peter Weber who have established a solid career. But time on reality TV change some leads' career paths. So, is Peter still a professional pilot after The Bachelor? While it wouldn’t be the first time a Bachelor or Bachelorette decided to savor their time in the spotlight before shifting gears back to their normal lives, Peter has chosen a less star-studded post-Bachelor lifestyle.
While speaking with USA Today, Peter revealed that he’s already back at his pilot job at Delta Airlines post-Bachelor. "That’s my passion," Peter said of flying. "That’s my first love." It's also in his blood; both Peter's dad and his brother Jack are pilots. And aviation factors into his criteria for a potential future wife, too.
"I needed someone who could handle my lifestyle," Peter told People during an interview back in December. "Being a pilot and with what comes with that, I wanted to be honest with them from the beginning. And I didn’t want them to go into this blindly and not truly understand what it’s like to possibly be a pilot’s wife one day." He added, “It’s not a typical, normal job where you’re home every single night. Some people can't handle that, and that's okay."
And, if you're at all concerned that you'll run out of opportunities to potentially have Peter as your pilot, you've got time. He also told the outlet that he intends to be a commercial airline pilot until he hits the FAA-mandated retirement age of 65.
You know what this means, folks? Peter became the Bachelor in the hopes of finding love, and he has absolutely no intention of letting it change the man he was before the show. He's really, truly there for the actual Right Reasons!
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