This Is When Schitt’s Creek Season 6 Should Hit Netflix

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Fans have come to love Schitt’s Creek almost as much as Moira Rose loves her extensive wig collection. That’s a big part of what makes the Schitt’s Creek Season 6 premiere somewhat bittersweet. Because while it’s exciting to think of seeing the Rose family back in action, it also signifies the beginning of the end for this beloved show. Back in March 2019, series creators Dan and Eugene Levy announced that the sixth season will also be its last. But considering that Netflix helped the series rise in popularity after it became available for streaming on the platform, it’s only natural to wonder when Schitt’s Creek season 6 will hit Netflix, allowing fans to marathon their way through the Rose family’s final hurrah until their hearts’ content.
As of now, the streaming service has yet to announce when precisely the upcoming season will be made available on the platform, but that’s to be expected, considering the episodes have yet to air on their home network over at PopTV. But since Netflix typically releases all of the episodes of a season at once, then odds are season 6 won’t hit the streamer until sometime after the series finale has aired on TV. The season has been said to consist of 14 episodes total, so if the episodes air weekly without any breaks, then that puts the finale around April 7, meaning it would likely show up on Netflix shortly after that.
Of course the definition of the term "shortly" changes when you're antsy for more Rose family drama, so perhaps the best way to predict its arrival to the streaming world is to look to the past. The fifth season of Schitt’s Creek hit Netflix on October 10, 2019 after airing its finale on April 9 that same year. If that pattern persists, then it’s possible fans will have to wait until October 2020 before spotting season 6 on the streamer one final time.
That may feel like a long way off, but when it comes to this lovable array of characters, they’re definitely worth the wait. Bebe never disappoints.
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