Stassi & Kristen’s Falling Out May Outlast Vanderpump Rules Season 8

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One of the main reasons Vanderpump Rules has been successful for so many years is that the friend group at the center of it can weather pretty much anything. Have sex with your best friend's girlfriend in their apartment while he's in the other room and Drive is playing in the background? That's something these pals can totally move on from. But during Season 8 of Vanderpump Rules, Katie Maloney-Schwartz and Stassi Schroeder break ties with Kristen Doute, and this friendship split is already lasting longer than most of the ones we've seen on the series. And it may continue on past season 8.
"Witches of WeHo — dunzo!" Stassi says in the trailer for the new season, premiering Jan. 7. She's, of course, referring to the clique name for herself, Kristin, and Katie, which is also the name of their wine brand. (The wine brand itself is not dunzo.) And while that might sound like the sort of dramatic line that one of them would throw out and they would all get over by the next week, that's not the case this time around. For instance, Kristen did not attend Stassi's engagement party with fiancé Beau Clark back in July, and also did not go on a group trip to Las Vegas, as reported by Page Six.
Unfortunately, as of now, there's not a definitive answer as to what exactly happened between the three former friends, but the trailer and context clues make it pretty clear that it has something to do with Kristen's relationship with her ex-boyfriend Brian Carter. Last season, Katie and Stassi really didn't like how Kristen was handling things with Carter and how she was treating them as a result of her tumultuous relationship. Namely, they though Kristen wasn't being honest with them about her life, which was frustrating and made it hard to connect with her. See: The song "Boy Problems" by Carly Rae Jepsen for further explanation. This lead to a huge blow-up during the season 7 reunion and, based on teasers, it seems that this same argument will escalate in season 8.
Still, Kristen says she's confused about what's happening. During an interview with HollywoodLife at BravoCon in November, Kristen said she would "die to know" why Katie and Stassi aren't speaking to her. "I’m going to watch [the show] with the fans. I hope that I get an answer by the end of the season. So, when I get to the reunion, I know what to talk about because I really don’t know," she explained. Kristen did say that she, Katie, and Stassi were pleasant to each other at BravoCon, because they had a job to do.
Stassi, Katie, and Kristen also all spoke to Entertainment Tonight at BravoCon, with Kristen doing her interview separately. All three women hope that one day they'll all be able to be friends again, but they recognize that it will take some work. "We need to be able to have an honest conversation, with 100 percent transparency," Katie said. "We've been really wanting that for a long time and it's just been difficult to do that." Stassi added, "We're both sad about it and we talk about it all the time. And we're like, 'I wish it wasn't like this, but what can you do right now?' But obviously, we hope this doesn't last forever."
Kristen also spoke to ET prior to BravoCon and made it seem like her relationship with Katie is in a better place than her relationship with Stassi. "I was with Katie last night at the People's Choice Awards and we had a blast together, like, we're still very cordial and friendly when we hang out," she said. "We just aren't at the same place we were at before." As for Stassi, Kristen said that she wasn't sure she'll be invited to her wedding. Stassi's wedding will be filmed for Vanderpump Rules, so that situation is sure to bring drama whether Kristen gets an invite or not.
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