Newbie Brett Was YouTuber Before Vanderpump Rules

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For seven seasons, Vanderpump Rules has operated under the premise that the main cast members had to live in small Los Angeles apartments and that most of them still needed to work at Lisa Vanderpump’s SUR restaurant. But no more! For season 8, premiering Jan. 7, some new faces are joining the Vanderpump Rules cast, and the waitstaff. As the original stars move out of SUR and into five-bedroom homes in The Valley, someone's gotta sling those fried goat cheese balls. One of these new Vanderpump Rules cast members is Brett Caprioni, who enters the scene as a server with a complicated relationship with Scheana Marie. 
According to Brett's Bravo bio, he is from New Jersey and recently moved to LA after going through a breakup. While details are pretty vague for now, but you can find them if you dig because, Brett also a YouTuber who was dating a fellow content creator. As noted by Page Six, Brett dated Carli Bybel from 2013 to 2017. Carli is a very popular beauty YouTuber with over 6 million followers on the platform; meanwhile, Brett, who has an impressive 500K followers himself, posts about workouts and food, as well as vlogs about his day-to-day life. His content is basically the definition of the phrase "so LA."
It’s not so surprising that an already popular social media presence would want to expand into reality TV, but it does seem like it might take away some of the authenticity that came with the start of Vanderpump Rules; the original cast members really were just a bunch of wannabes working at a restaurant when the show began. That said, according to Jax Taylor, Brett isn’t “thirsty."
“I don’t like the new people,” Jax told Us Weekly in November. “Except for Brett and Max [Boyens], I really like them. They’re really cool. They’re down to earth. They’re not thirsty. We’ve been around for eight years. You can see a thirsty person coming a mile away. There’s some of them. There’s a few of them.” Lala Kent added, “Throw them some Aquafina.”
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Whether you want to trust Jax and Lala’s opinions is up to you, but it seems the “thirsty” people they’re referring to are the other new stars Charlie Burnett, Danica Dow, and Dayna Kathan. Oh great; the three women who are joining the cast.
As for Brett, his drama on the show will primarily involve Scheana and fellow newcomer Max, who is the manager at TomTom. Bravo has released the first seven minutes of the Vanderpump Rules season 8 premiere, and in it Brett says that he hooked up with Scheana after he and some friends went to her place to play Scattergories (ha). But, since Scheana has a history of moving fast in relationships, she tries to keep things casual with Brett. Hey, maybe she can do it this time!
On top of that, Brett’s Bravo bio notes that he “considers Max one of his closest friends in LA, but that’s all put on the line when he expresses interest in Max’s former fling, Dayna.” Yikes.
He may have some experience sharing his life online, but nothing can prepare you for the kind of entanglements that come with life on Vanderpump Rules.
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