If There’s Meaning In The New Vanderpump Rules Credits, This Is It

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A new season of Vanderpump Rules means new cast members — and that means the opportunity for a new Vanderpump Rules opening credits sequence. Get excited, because I know I am. It's a new way to see the old cast members whip around while carrying trays of drinks, and it's an introduction to the new Vanderpump Rules cast members who will be hoping to cause as much drama as humanly possible.
And yeah, for some Vanderpump fans, the credits sequence just looks like a credit sequence. Smoldering looks, glasses of wine, short dresses, Lisa looking fabulous. But what if the Vanderpump Rules opening credits were a window into the soul of season? A way to predict the goings-on of the cast members? Let's take a look at each new cast grouping in the credits for potential Vanderpump season 8 spoilers...

Jax, Brittany, Stassi, & Beau

Remember when Stassi Schroeder and Jax Taylor couldn't be in the same room as each other? Now, these exes are friends, and Stassi and Jax's new wife, Brittany Cartwright are BFF, too. This double-date pairing proves one thing — that Jax and Stassi will always be the most popular in the group, so they (and their respective partners) get the first credits spot. It also probably means that these two stay above the fray and don't let the petty drama shake their relationships.

Tom Schwartz, Katie, Max, & Dayna

Ooh, this one is interesting. We have one long-term established couple, and we have one (if you believe the Vanderpump Rules season 8 preview, which I do) new-ish couple. Newbie Max Boyens is the general manager at TomTom, and new gal Dayna Kathen is at TomTom, but moving to SUR to help SURve over there. Since Katie Maloney-Schwartz and Tom Schwartz are usually on shaky footing, perhaps Max and Dayna's pairing with them means that these two are not all that solid.

Tom Sandoval, Ariana, James, & Brett

I know what you're thinking — who's Brett? It's a great question. Brett Caprioni is new at SUR, and he needs veterans like Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix, and James Kennedy to let him into the secrets of being on Vanderpump Rules. Maybe Tom and Ariana can teach Brett how to spin off time with Lisa Vanderpump into successful side gigs — like cocktail books and new restaurants — and James can teach Brett how not to act, since, you know, James got kicked out of SUR and fired for his drunkenness and generally offensive, unapologetic behavior.

Lala, Scheana, & Kristen

These ladies are definitely the wild cards of the group, and coupled or not, they're always ready for a good time. Lala is sober and engaged, Scheana is single, and Kristen is doing who knows what with Carter, but this threesome could mean big drama or big friendship, depending on their big moods. One thing's for sure: These three are grouped because they each know how to start serious drama.

Lisa Vanderpump

Please. Lisa looks regal and chic as hell in her glittery, gold cape, which means that nothing will change — Lisa will still be regal and chic as hell, just as she is on every other season.
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