When Is Season 2 Of The Morning Show Coming Out?

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Now that season one of The Morning Show is over, it's time to say good-bye to Alex Levy and Bradley Jackson, your two favorite morning show frenemies. I am a little peeved at the show right now, and frustrated with how it ended, but I'll allow room for redemption in season two, because yes, there will be a season two of the Apple+ series.
In fact, in case you missed the big news, all of Apple+'s series have been renewed for a sophomore season which means more horny Emily Dickinson (Hailee Steinfeld) in Dickinson, and more creepy babies in Servant.
Kerry Ehrin, the show's writer, promises that season two of the show will further examine the downfall of the UBA network, and the evolving relationship between Bradley and Alex. "I would say season two is a lot about transition. And still, at the same time, a lot of the same shit goes on! You set new rules, but then it falls back," she told The Hollywood Reporter. "This is true in the real world. Where it becomes: are we paying lip service to women’s rights? So it’s really just examining the transition period more but with the same themes of: What is real?." She also added that fan favorite Billy Crudup, who plays Cory, will be back in a larger capacity. Ehrin and the rest of the writers room already have some ideas churning, according to Desean Terry, who plays Daniel on the show. " "They've given us a little bit of hints about what's going on, and it's pretty cool," he told TVInsider of the upcoming season.
Still, further specifics for The Morning Show's return are under wraps. Currently, no premiere date for season two is set, although rumor is the A-list cast will remain the same, with Carell on the maybe list, according to Ehrin. I'd also bet that there are a few more famous faces eager to join the cast for additional episodes, especially since it has been nominated for a handful of awards.
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