Sophia Hutchins Says She & Caitlyn Jenner “Were Never Romantically Involved”

Photo: Jared Siskin/Getty/Vanity Fair/Saks Fifth Avenue.
Sopia Hutchins has finally set the record straight on her relationship with Caitlyn Jenner — or, rather, their lack of a romantic relationship.
“We were never romantically involved,” Hutchins told the New York Times. She acknowledged in the interview that rumors of their love life were greatly exaggerated, because the two “weren’t addressing it” publicly. “I don’t feel a need to address my sex life, quite frankly, unless I want to,” Hutchins explained.
Instead, Hutchins operates as a live-in manager for Jenner. “I saw nobody was managing her, and there were all these people taking massive advantage,” Hutchins said, as ex-wife Kris Jenner was no longer managing Jenner’s affairs. The two first met when they were introduced by a mutual makeup artist, and Hutchins sensed that Jenner needed accounting help. “And I was saying, ‘Caitlyn, if I don’t step in here and start managing you, you’re going to go broke.’”
Not only are Jenner and Hutchins just friends and business partners, but Hutchins has a boyfriend, whom the Times describes as a “30-year-old gentleman who graduated from Harvard and works on Wall Street.”
Still, fans would be forgiven for thinking that Jenner and Hutchins were an item. The two are frequently photographed together and regularly appear on each others’ Instagram accounts. Hutchins lives in Jenner’s Malibu home, and they have two Labrador retrievers. If Jenner and Hutchins seem inseparable, that’s because they are — but that’s where their relationship ends.

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