An All-Women Fight Club Is In The Works

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To all the college boys who insisted that we watch Fight Club: This one is probably not for you. Bella Thorne has joined Chick Fight, a new film about an all-woman fight club, and she’s about to give Brad Pitt’s Tyler Durden a run for his money. 
The new action comedy is produced by Malin Ackerman, who also stars in the upcoming indie. Ackerman plays Anna, a woman grieving the loss of her mom while also dealing with some other major changes in her life, according to Deadline. Her dad just came out as gay, and the frazzled Anna just burned down her coffee shop, leaving her sans purpose.
Lost and confused, Anna finds solace in an unlikely source: an all-women underground fight club, where Thorne’s Olivia is the toughest fighter in the gang. Also in the cast is Alec Baldwin, who plays Anna’s “reclusive trainer.” The film is slated to start filming this year. 
Though the film bears strong similarity to 1999’s Fight Club in premise, it also sounds like it could be a millennial version of The Karate Kid or even a (hopefully far less depressing) Million Dollar Baby. It’s been a minute since we’ve seen a good training montage — especially centered around a woman — so let’s hope that Ackerman puts on a good show in the ring and that Thorne's ultimate fighter is as impressive as her character description proclaims her to be.
The “eclectic cast of characters” Deadline states Anna will meet could make this movie the next GLOW. Here, though, the fighting is real, and likely really brutal.
Ackerman shared her excitement for the new project on Instagram.
"So very excited to have these two talents join our little movie," the actress wrote of the indie film. "It’s gonna be a blast!!!" 
"She. Won’t stop," Thorne added on her own Instagram. "Always wanted to do a fighting movie."
 Who knows: Maybe the poster for Chick Fight will be the next unofficial requirement for college dorm walls. 

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