Your Weekly Horoscope

Tap into your optimistic spirit on Sunday, when material Venus conjuncts with lucky Jupiter. This is a beautiful day to invest in yourself. This transit also enhances our collective romantic sparkle. Our passions rise later on in the day as fiery Mars opposes chaotic Uranus. Guard your tongue as these planets clash against each other. It can be tempting to bring up old wounds, or get nit-picky in conversation — remember to keep your cool. Are you thinking about starting a new venture? Do your research before you start your engines on Tuesday as the Moon begins a new phase in Sagittarius at 10:05 a.m. EST. This Moon supports those who seek out change, instead of just reacting to it. Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusions, moves direct on Wednesday, allowing us to enjoy our fantasies again. Look back to any wake-up calls you had since June 21 when Neptune began his retrograde motion — these are important lessons to take with you. Find a productive way to channel your creative voice as chatty Mercury trines imaginative Neptune on Thursday. This is a brilliant time to brainstorm, as people aren’t focused on minute details. We’re ready to take risks on Thursday, as material Venus trines imaginative Uranus. This transit could inspire you to get more adventurous in the bedroom. Don’t know where to start? Try adding some sex books to your personal library for a little assistance. Saturday is anything but lazy as communicative Mercury sextiles responsible Saturn. Use the first day of the weekend for getting on top of your task list. Use this positive transit to organize your documents, attack your laundry and get ready for the upcoming week.

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