Here’s How Much Of The Mandalorian Season 1 We Have Left

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Warning: Spoilers for episode 3 of The Mandalorian are ahead.
The bounty hunter has become the bounty on The Mandalorian, and as things escalate, you're probably panicking about how many Mandalorian season 1 episodes are even left. Good news: The story is just getting started. There are still so many questions to be answered in the remaining episodes of the first season, characters to be introduced, and adventures to be had. So far in season 1, the pace has been pretty slow — which is actually kind of exciting. 
The way The Mandalorian calmly follows one character for long stretches of time harkens back to the first Star Wars film. Never forget that A New Hope has about fifteen minutes of C-3PO and R2D2 wandering around the desert. Those early films don’t rush from plot point to plot point, especially at the beginning, and trust us to stay engaged and invested in the characters. 
We also never really know how long an episode is going to be. Much like the wild frontier that the Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) finds himself in, there are no rules on streaming platforms like Disney+. So far, some episodes are closer to 40 minutes, and others are shorter than 30. That means that even though there are only seven episodes left, we have no idea exactly how much couch time that’s going to add up to before the finale. 
That said, the first three episodes alone have raised a lot of questions, and it seems that some of them will be answered in season 1. Here's what we expect the next seven episodes to cover:
Who Is The Baby & Why Does Everyone Want Him?
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Where have they been for the past fifty years? This baby from Yoda’s species has captured hearts all around the world, but we still know so little about the Force-sensitive creature. In episode 3, the Mandalorian overhears the Client (Werner Herzog) and the Doctor (Omid Abahti) talking about wanting to “extract” something from the kid. What could it be? Something to do with The Force, like (gulp) midichlorians? Get prepared for all your prequel-hating friends to be up in arms if that’s the case. The decision made back in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace to measure or explain away Star Wars’ magic and religion with science is controversial, to say the least. 
Who Is The Client Working For? 
Does anyone else sniff a twist coming from the direction of Herzog’s character? By the way he surrounds himself with stormtroopers and pays with Imperial-stamped beskar steel, the Mandalorian assumes that he is sympathetic to the Fallen Empire. But when Greef Targa (Carl Weathers) suggests that the Mandalorian report the Client’s suspicious activity to the New Republic, our hero scoffs at the idea. That raised a major red flag in my brain. Why doesn’t he trust the New Republic? Morality in Star Wars seems black and white: there is a literal dark side and light side, after all. But The Mandalorian has many more shades of grey, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we found out the Client was working for someone unexpected. 
Where Are Cara Dune & Fennec Shand?
Allegedly, there are prominent female characters on this show played by Gina Carano and Ming-Na Wen, respectively. The only problem with the show pacing of the show so far is that we have yet to meet these women, and many fans would really like to see them. 
What Is The Mandalorian’s Deal? 
Who were his parents? There are a lot of orphans in Star Wars, so what’s so significant about what happened to them? Who raised the Mandalorian when he was a foundling? What is his Signet? Also, what is a Signet? Flashbacks have shown brief looks into the Mandalorian’s tragic backstory, but we still have so much to learn. 
Now that the Mandalorian is on the run, the show’s pace will likely speed up. But again, that’s what happens in Star Wars movies as well. Everything picks up once Luke (Mark Hamill), Rey (Daisy Ridley), and Anakin (Hayden Christensen) decide to leave home and change their status quo — which is essentially the choice that the Mandalorian just made by kidnapping the baby and facing off against his fellow bounty hunters.
The season 1 story is only about a third over, and something tells me that the best is yet to come.
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