A Recap Of Frozen For Anyone Who Hasn’t Seen It 10 Million Times Since 2013

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Hollywood can never leave well enough alone, which means that most of your favorite movies get sequels. Some are bad and unnecessary (who remembers Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2? Eh? Eh?), but once in a blue moon, the original cast reunites and magic happens. Fans are certainly hoping that’s the case for Frozen II, the sequel to the 2013 film about two princess sisters who work together to save themselves and their small nation from eternal winter. There are also magical ice powers, trolls, a snowman, a crotchety ice harvester, and an evil prince. (Somehow, none of this is a storyline from Game Of Thrones.) But because it's been six years since the original film came out and not all of us are parents to little kiddos who watch the movie four times a week, here's a reminder of what happened at the end of the first Frozen.


The elder princess of Arendelle, Elsa (Idina Menzel) has powers that make her able to freeze anything. That lake? Frozen. That coffee? Iced! Her little sister Anna (Kristen Bell)? Also sub-zero (oops). Luckily, their parents quickly correct Anna's icing with the help from their friendly neighborhood rock trolls. But Elsa is told to “conceal, don’t feel” so that she doesn’t use those powers — they’re triggered by emotional outbursts. But when their parents die in a shipwreck, Elsa becomes queen and has to navigate this new reality by herself. 
When a grown-up Anna approaches Elsa with the idea of marrying a guy, Prince Hans (Santino Fontana), she just met — more on that later — Elsa says "no." Obviously. Anna gets mad, Elsa gets madder, and then Elsa’s powers freeze Arendelle from tip to toe. Oh, and she doesn’t know how to undo it.
So Elsa does what anyone else would do after an argument — flees to the North Mountain, changes her clothes, and belts out a song to her yeti friends.
When Anna goes to get her from the mountain, Elsa freezes Anna’s heart again (big problem), evil Prince Hans accuses Elsa of killing her sister (she’s fine again, because of the rock trolls), and when Hans tries to kill Elsa, Anna jumps in to save her. This “act of true love” saves them all, because Elsa and Anna thaw out, and so does Arendelle. The queen is back, y’all!


Anna doesn’t know that Elsa has powers, so their relationship goes from BFF to distant very, very quickly when they’re kids. She’s isolated as a kid, which manifests in adult Anna as desperation for any shred of human attention — which is why she’s into marrying Hans upon first meeting. Hans is actually just trying to marry one of the sisters of Arendelle because he won’t inherit anything from his kingdom — he has a lot of older brothers and primogeniture is a real bitch. After Elsa’s freezy blow-up, Anna heads to the North Mountain to find her, meeting Sven the reindeer, Olaf the snowman (Josh Gad), and Kristoff the human (Jonathan Groff) along the way. Chemistry ensues — between Anna and Kristoff, that is.
When Anna finds Elsa, Elsa mistakenly freezes Anna’s heart again, Kristoff takes her to the trolls to thaw that out, and they’re all like “only an act of true love can do that.” Kristoff races back to Arendelle so that Hans can give Anna a kiss and break the spell, but Hans just leaves Anna because he wants her to die. But Anna ends up saving Elsa because she sacrifices herself for her, and the sisters realize their love is the truest love. Who needs a man?
Hans is arrested, Arendelle goes back to normal, and Anna buys Kristoff a new sled. They probably fall in love, too.


Kristoff, raised by the rock trolls, is just an ice collector minding his business with his BFF reindeer, Sven, when Princess Anna wanders into the same general store he’s picking up supplies in. Yoo-hoo, big summer blowout!
He and Anna have #chemistry, and he helps her find Elsa. But then he has to take Anna to the rock trolls to get rid of that whole “Anna’s heart is frozen” thing, and though he loves Anna, he takes her to Hans for her true love’s first kiss to cure her. But nope, Hans is jerk. Anna gets unfrozen, Hans gets banished and arrested, and Kristoff gets a new sled — and Anna’s heart. Probably. There’s potential there.


Hans has a lot of brothers and stands to inherit nothing from his kingdom, so he comes to Arendelle with aim to marry Anna or Elsa and get some land. As I've mentioned, it all goes wrong, but Hans manages to endear himself to Anna by “watching” the kingdom while she’s off finding Elsa. Too bad he’s evil. But the love between the sisters is enough to beat him at his own game, and so he gets cast out and arrested after Arendelle is restored. So much for that land, Hans.


The world’s favorite snowman came from a dream of Anna and Elsa’s and reimagined himself when Elsa turned the world into ice. He has dreams of being a snowman in summeeeeeeer (which we wouldn't dare dash), and after helping saving Elsa, Anna, and Arendelle, he got the gift of his own flurry, so he could stay a snowman no matter the season.


Kristoff’s reindeer BFF is exactly who you want by your side. He likes carrots, snowmen, icicles, and Anna, and he’s really good with rock trolls. Did I mention he really loves carrots?
Go forth, Frozen fans — your sequel awaits.
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