The Dollface Cast & Cameos Includes More Than A Few ’90s Faves

Photo: Courtesy of Hulu.
Led by Kat Dennings, the cast of Hulu's Dollhouse is a welcome boost of estrogen. After Jules (Dennings) gets dumped by her boyfriend of five years she's on a mission to reconnect with her girlfriends. Easier said than done, though. Jules has spent half a decade fully dedicated to her relationship, which is why she needs a little help reentering the world of female friendship. And she gets that help from a literal cat lady who is behind the wheel of a bus full of other women trying to make it back to friendship town.
This fantastical comedy is like the Bechdel Test come to life with a cast that is worth bragging about. Fans will notice some very familiar faces who have graced the small screen in recent years. Let the Shay Mitchell-issance continue! Not to mention, Dollface has some very noteworthy cameos. The supporting players include more than a few of your '90s faves playing themselves and a certain Bombshell star in a truly bonkers role. We love to see it!
Now, it's your turn to see who popped up in the first 10 episodes of Dollface.

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