The Insatiable Ending Sets Up Evil Patty For Season 3

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In the very first episode of Netflix’s Insatiable, lead Patty Bladell (Debby Ryan) nearly sets a man on fire in a hotel room. “My demon was out — and she was hungry,” she says before deciding against homicide. But, by the end of the series’ second episode, “Skinny Is Magic,” that would-be victim, Patty's nemesis John (Daniel Thomas May), is dead after Patty wishes for his demise. From then on, a whopping six people die by Patty’s hand without question. Still, Insatiable plays the carnage around Patty as a necessary and oftentimes humorous tragedy, even into season 2. The deeply problematic black comedy suggests Patty isn’t a cold-blooded killer — she’s a teen put in terrible situations.
Yet season 2 finale, “The Most You You Can Be,” turns the tables on viewers. In the final moments of the episode, Insatiable raises Patty to the role of unquestionable and out-of-control villain. As Billie Eilish’s hit song — which plays during the penultimate scene of “Most You” — says, Patty is the bad guyDuh
And she’s only poised to become more dangerous in a prospective Insataible season 3. 
Patty appears to kill two people in Insatiable season 1: unstable on-again, off-again boyfriend Christian Keene (James Lastovic) and unstable pageant coach Stella Rose Buckley (Beverly D'Angelo). Although Christian is very, very dead come season 2, the drama’s 2019 batch of episodes confirm Patty didn’t successfully kill Stella Rose the first time. When Stella shows up in Patty’s room bent on revenge in finale “Most You,” Patty strangles her to death. For extra malevolent affect, she yells, “Die already, you crazy bitch!,” while choking the 60-something-year-old woman. 
Patty’s finale murder is a bad look that is only intensified when you take into account a few other grim details. First there’s the unsettling fact that Patty keeps Stella Rose’s body in her room for days. Then, there are the handful of other murders sprinkled throughout the season. Patty also pushed Gordy (Dana Ashbrook), the man she believed to be her father, off of a cliff, and gruesomely took out three drug dealers who were planning to hurt her mom, Angie (Sarah Colonna). Flashbacks of these scenes, along with Christian’s season 1 murder, prove Patty didn’t feel anguish every time she took a human life. She was gleeful. 
We see those enlightening flashbacks in the last scene of “Most You You Can Be” when Patty’s pageant coach and enabler Bob Armstrong (Dallas Roberts) asks Patty if she likes killing. It’s an especially unfortunate time for Bob to come to this conclusion about his client since he’s in jail after taking the fall for various crimes (some of which were committed by Patty). 
Police now believe Bob is the Pageant Killer, the serial killer plaguing the Insatiable pageant circuit. That person is actually Regina Sinclair (Arden Myrin), the mentally ill mother/kidnapper of Dixie Sinclair (Irene Choi). Regina planned the Pageant Killer murders to frame Bob in a delusional act of vengeance. When Regina finds Stella Rose’s body in a suitcase during the finale, she places the corpse in Bob’s hotel room, adding to his apparent murderous reign. Regina also planted evidence from the murders of Roxy (Chloe Bridges) and Heather (Caroline Pluta), along with bomb materials, in Bob’s home. Stella’s corpse — which was actually Patty’s fault — was just the cherry on Regina’s unhinged sundae. 
Bob is promptly arrested in front of an entire pageant full of people.
When Patty realizes the breadth of Regina's plot in a meeting with an imprisoned Bob, she swiftly elects to unmask Regina as the true Pageant Killer, pin Stella Rose’s murder on her, and then murder Regina. “She deserves it,” Patty casually announces. This is how Bob realizes Patty is a monster, not a victim. Bob’s awakening to Patty’s true nature pushes Patty to do some soul-searching of her own. She decides that Bob is correct and murder is her form of empowerment. “Maybe that’s why I couldn’t stop eating,” Patty theorizes. “I was pushing down the truth… Nothing tastes as good as killing feels.” 
After 20 episodes, Patty has embraced her darkest impulses. She rushes out of her meeting with Bob to go track down Regina and kill her. Bob is aghast, demanding the guards stop Patty before she commits yet another crime. They ignore him. If Netflix does pick up Insatiable for a third polarizing and country-fried season, expect to see Bob desperately trying to bring Patty down.
Don't be surprised if that betrayal means Bob just might be Patty's next victim.

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