How Did Breaking Bad End, Again?

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It's really happening: Aaron Paul is back on TV screens as Jesse Pinkman in the El Camino Netflix movie. The new flick picks up right after what happened in the Breaking Bad finale, which means that he's on the run from police and the DEA who know that he's been cooking meth and killing people. But while El Camino is all about Jesse's story post-finale, the actual finale was all about Walter White (Bryan Cranston) tying up loose ends.
In the final season of Breaking Bad, Walter's drug dealing identity was discovered by his DEA brother-in-law Hank (Dean Norris), which eventually led to Hank's death at the hands of Todd (Jesse Plemons) and Jack (Michael Bowen), two meth-making white supremacists who also captured Jesse and held him prisoner. Walter's cancer also returned in the final season, making his time left limited. That ticking clock on his life led to many of his steps in the finale to right any wrongs before his death. Here's where the final season and episode left all the major players.
Walter White Helps His Family One Last Time
Walter briefly escaped to New Hampshire in season 5, but decided to turn himself in after realizing that he'd lost everything already (like his home and his family). But before the DEA could get ahold of him, Walter drove to his former college friends' home and left his remaining nine million dollars there. He threatened to have them killed  if they didn't give it to his family after his death.
He then visited his estranged wife Skyler (Anna Gunn) and gave her the coordinates to where Hank's body could be found. He encouraged her to use the information to ensure that she would not be prosecuted by the DEA for his own crimes. Before he left, he got one last look at his baby daughter Holly and his teenage son Walter Jr. (RJ Mitte).
The White Supremacist Drug Dealers And Lydia Quayle Die
When Walter learned that Todd and Jack were forcing Jesse to cook meth for them, he concocted a plan to free Jesse. He met with Todd and his partner Lydia Quayle (Laura Fraser) who used to work with Jesse and Walt before turned on them. Walt offered to show them a new, better way to cook meth. They pretend to be interested in order to lure Walt to the white supremacist compound and kill him that night. But Walt rigged a machine gun in his car trunk which he set off, killing all the men there. When a wounded Jack survived, Walt shot him, despite Jack's promise that he could take Walt to his money. It reinforced that Walt was done with this business, since he no longer cared about getting his money back. Walt also poisoned Lydia with ricin during their earlier meeting and called to tell her that she was dying and that her men were dead too.
Walter White Dies
The final scene in the show showed Mr. White exploring the lab at the compound. He was badly injured from his gunshot wound, and he spent his precious final moments surrounded by all the machines and devices used to cook meth. It's where Walter always felt his best, and it's where he died. In the final shot, he is shown dead on the ground in the lab as the DEA approaches.
Jesse Pinkman Escapes
After Walter killed most of the men, Jesse strangled Todd. Jesse then almost shot Walt as payback for all that he'd been put through by the rival drug dealers, which included physical torture and forcing Jesse to watch as Todd and his men killed his girlfriend. But Jesse decided not to kill Walt when he noticed that Walt has already been hit with one of the bullets. He told Walt that if he wanted to die, he had to do it himself. Jesse then escaped the compound in Todd's El Camino.
His final shot in the show is him laughing and screaming as he drives away to supposed safety. Of course, the El Camino movie trailer quickly showed that safety is not what he was met with. Earlier in the season, Jesse had confessed on tape and started working with Hank and the DEA against Walt. The DEA may still be on the lookout for him for all his crimes, especially now that Walt is dead and Jesse is the only one left who can be prosecuted. That's what the movie will contend with when it picks back up on Jesse's story on Oct. 11.

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