El Camino Takes Breaking Bad To The Next Level In Gritty New Trailer

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
TV shows have started and ended in the years between Breaking Bad's 2013 finale and now, but when El Camino picks up the story, it's only been a few seconds. The trailer for the Netflix spinoff movie, which follows the AMC show's fifth and final season, shows the moments after Walter White's (Bryan Cranston) death — or, "death," which we'll get to in a moment — when Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) has driven away from his Nazi captors in an El Camino, arriving on the doorstep of friends Badger (Matt L. Jones) and Skinny Pete (Charles Baker).
The rest of the trailer is a little less clear. Jesse showers, the dust from his captivity washing off but the injuries still present. What follows are puzzle pieces of a story: a line of police cars, a photo of Jesse’s late ex-girlfriend Andrea (Emily Rios), Jesse digging in the desert while what looks like a body with strands of red car is wrapped in a carpet on top of his car.
"You ready?" a voice asks.
"Yeah," Jesse replies, and the trailer ends.
So what does it mean? Commenters already have a theory. Music was a huge part of the original series, and the song used in the trailer may hold a clue.
"The name of the song is 'Black Water,'" a commenter wrote. "The anagram For Black Water is : Walter Back. Coincidence?"
While this doesn't necessarily mean he's still alive, this does solidify the theory that there will be flashbacks, which has been all but confirmed with the return of Jonathan Banks as Mike. However, the song in the trailer, "Black Water" by Reuben And The Dark, is poignant for other reasons.
"I saw my face in the mirror /Though I know I've changed/Though I look/Much the same," it croons, which is the perfect way to describe a beloved story returning to a moment that's been frozen in time for six years.
El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie hits Netflix October 11, select theaters from October 11-13, and airs on AMC early next year.

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