The Returning Characters In Netflix’s Breaking Bad Movie El Camino

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Do you want to know who’s in the cast of El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie? Well, that's kind of a major spoiler, but okay! The thing is that Netflix has been super secretive about the project and while we knew it was happening for a while, we didn’t know when it was happening or really what was happening. The whole movie was shot last year and literally no one noticed. That’s how top-secret everything about El Camino has been and while we know a few cast members returning to their famous Breaking Bad roles, aside from a handful of people, we didn't know who would be in the movie. 
El Camino follows Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), after the series finale of Breaking Bad, where he managed to flee his captors, drove off in an El Camino car, and hopefully made it to safety. The Netflix movie will deal with Jesse now trying to carve out some future for himself, but we can guess that his past is going to catch up with him eventually. 
There are a whole lot of people from the Breaking Bad world of Albuquerque who were likely to show up, even ones who died during the run of the show. Before the film premiered, it was confirmed that 10 characters from the original Breaking Bad cast would return. Here’s who is back in El Camino.

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