Looks Like Meredith’s Plan To Get DeLuca Out Of Prison On Grey’s Anatomy Worked

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When Grey’s Anatomy ended last season, Meredith Grey and Andrew DeLuca (Ellen Pompeo and Giacomo Gianniotti) were in a bit of a mess. Not only had Meredith been fired from the hospital, but Andrew had been arrested after taking the fall for her insurance fraud. So when the show comes back on Thursday night, how did Andrew a.k.a. DeLuca get out of prison? Unfortunately, it seems like that has everything to do with our dear Meredith.
In case your memory’s a little fuzzy, basically, Meredith broke the law when she filed a patient’s care as if it was actually her daughter, Ellis, receiving treatment. In Mer’s defense, the patient in question was a child who needed life saving surgery… and she and her father didn’t have insurance since they were in the United States seeking asylum. It wasn’t fair, but Meredith's actions were still illegal.
And when word got out about what Meredith did, Andrew took the blame, which led to him going to jail. And of course, as soon as Meredith found out what he’d done, she refused to let him go through with it, and when the season finale ended, it looked like she was about to turn herself in so he could be off the hook. 
It’s probably safe to assume that this swap worked, after seeing the trailer for Thursday’s premiere. In one clip, he’s back in his scrubs and white coat, working at the hospital, so he’s definitely out — it’s just a question of how long it took for him to be released, which we may not know until the episode airs.
Maybe the bigger question here is if Meredith will be in prison, but since we saw her doing community service in the trailer, it seems like there’s good news for her, too. Of course there's the bigger question of whether or not she’ll be able to get her job back at Grey Sloan. That one's a doozy.
It’s hard to say what the upcoming season holds for Meredith and Andrew’s relationship, but things were going so well that this little (okay, huge) hiccup probably won’t affect how they feel about each other too much. (That's not generally how this show works.) Let's not forget, what a huge gesture it was that Andrew was willing to spend time behind bars so that Meredith could remain with her children. That's not the kind of love that just get tossed aside when things get rough.

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