Is Ad Astra A Space Cowboys Sequel? The Internet Thinks So

Photo: Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox.
Since the ‘90s, Hollywood has been obsessed with space voyage films, sometimes giving us multiple space films in just one Oscar cycle. 
What if there was an unofficial space film universe? Some fans think it is happening with the latest addition to the bunch, Ad Astra
The theory holds that Ad Astra is a sequel to the modern space classic Space Cowboys. As far as evidence goes? Most of the theory relies on the fact that Tommy Lee Jones is presumably still on the moon, just as his character was at the end of Space Cowboys.
One fan on Reddit explained the theory in detail.
“In the trailer, one of the archival NASA photographs we see is a younger Tommy Lee Jones as an astronaut. The funny thing is, this photo of him is actually from Space Cowboys back in 2000. Maybe Ad Astra just cleared that image for use from the companies that produced/distributed/own the rights to Space Cowboys. But I think not,” wrote GoesOffOnTangent.
Meanwhile, on Twitter, other fans also noticed Jones’ photos from Space Cowboys in the Ad Astra trailer.
In addition to Jones seemingly picking up his role as a man lost in space, fans also noticed that Donald Sutherland is in Ad Astra. Fans believe that having two of the space pilots from Space Cowboys both appear in Ad Astra makes a strong case for it to be a sequel. 
The theory hasn’t been confirmed by anyone from the film, but a space multiverse might be cool. After all, would we really say no to a space film mashup of Interstellar and Ad Astra starring Brad Pitt and Matthew McConaughey?

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