What Does The A List Finale's Absolutely Wild Midge Twist Mean For Season 2?

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Warning: Spoilers ahead for The A List finale, “The Last Dove.”
There is mind-boggling and then there is Netflix/BBC’s The A List season 1 finale. In quick succession, we learn a bizarro fictional chemical created budding supervillain Amber (Ellie Duckles), Alex (Rosie Dwyer) gets pulled into Amber’s thrall, and hero Mia (Lisa Ambalavanar) is nearly flung off of a cliff. But, none of those twists are actually the wildest plot point from “The Last Dove.”
That final shock comes at the very end, when long-dead-ish Midge (Indianna Ryan) crawls her way up some rocks and back into the mortal realm. It’s a disturbing visual that tells us everything we need to know about a prospective season The A List season 2 on Netflix. Because Midge is not the person we were expecting at all.
Could Midge be a villain?
The journey towards Midge’s surprise resurrection is as bonkers as the rest of A List. First, Mags (Nneka Okoye), fake camp counselor and real doctor/scientist, tells Mia and Alex she has been working on a formula to destroy Amber and bring back Midge. Since, as we begin to learn in penultimate episode “Run, Mia, Run,” Amber was created after Midge fell down a cliff on Peregrine Island. Animosine, a chemical found on the island, entered her bloodstream. When doctors treated Midge’s brain injury, the animosine reacted with the procedure, allowing the Amber personality to emerge physically and mentally. The rise of Amber trapped Midge in the new, blonder body.
Mags’ new formula is meant to neutralize the animosine, “reversing the process and bringing back Midge,” the doctor explains. However, there’s a chance neutralizing the animosine could also kill Amber and Midge.
Neither outcome happens when Alex injects Amber with the new drug. Instead, Amber’s control of the Peregrine campers breaks and she falls to the ground. When Amber starts to rise, she announces, “She’s gone. I can feel it. Finally! Midge is gone. Midge is gone.” Amber couldn’t be happier to be rid of her supposedly weaker personality. Yet, Midge proves she is a fighter as well, as her hand shoots out from the cliff behind Amber. Midge is alive once again.
It’s a moment teased by Midge’s “Who You Used to Be” closing narration, where she promises, “What we think is dead and gone is only lost for a while… Like me.”
Visually, the reanimated Midge looks every bit the classic bad guy. She’s clad in all black and smiles wickedly at Mia. “What have you done?” Amber asks, suggesting even she is afraid of Midge (after all, it seems Amber’s powers were eliminated by the formula). “You have no idea,” Midge says in a way that is far more threatening than hopeful. As Midge angrily stares at Mia and Amber, it’s easy to see a season 2 where the former rivals must team up against Midge, a brand new evil.
The possibility of a begrudging Mia-Amber union seems especially likely when you remember The A List is, at its heart, a story of revenge against perceived bullies. Amber tortured Mia because she believed Mia was the mean girl of the summer prior. Midge, the loner who was actually at Peregrine the camp season prior, also believes that. But, Midge also likely resents Amber just as much as she dislikes Mia, if not more. It was Amber, not Mia, who took over Midge’s form and imprisoned Midge in a tiny part of her own body. Now that is the kind of behavior that demands vengeance, not appreciation.
If Midge can crawl back to life through inexplicable and still-unexplained supernatural abilities, what else may she be able to do in future episodes?
While that terrifying question looms, there’s even more enigmatic news hanging over Peregrine. As Mags explains in “Run, Mia, Run,” her shadowy employer is deeply interested in the Amber/Mia phenomenon — so much so, they originally refused to come save the teens on the island for fear of ruining the “research opportunity.” However, once Amber was neutralized, Mags’ company sent her confirmation they were coming to Peregrine. While it sounds like the mysterious group is flying in to help the campers, who’s to say they’re not far more interested in testing the bounds of Midge’s powers? Midge, the girl who came back from the dead after a Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde situation? What atrocities might they be willing to help her commit in the name of scientific discovery?
Now the ball is in Netflix and BBC's court to see if they'll let The A List solve these mysteries with season 2.

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