The Songs On The 13 Reasons Why Season 3 Soundtrack Hit You Right In The Feels

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Warning: This slideshow contains spoilers for 13 Reasons Why season 3.
13 Reasons Why started out as a show about listening to cassette tapes, so it's only natural that the audio played throughout the episodes for the viewers are equally significant. The 13 Reasons Why season 3 soundtrack is jam-packed with meaningful songs. From tunes created specifically for the scenes they're featured in to melodies with spot-on lyrics, there's just as much going on in the background noise of this show as in the main dialogue and plot lines.
Season 3 has quite a few songs in it, and 18 were specifically chosen for an official soundtrack to accompany the show. According to NME, the official 13RW soundtrack contains older songs and new songs alike, featuring artists like Charli XCX, 5 Seconds Of Summer, Frightened Rabbit, Daya, and more. Non-official soundtrack songs still featured in the show highlight the likes of R.E.M., The Cure, Interpol, among others.
Some of the songs on the soundtrack are played over scenes and just for viewers to hear, while other songs pop on in Monet's or the gym or on Tony's cassette player (of course) where the actual characters can hear the music too. Between the official soundtrack and the other songs used in the show, it all sort of makes up a mixtape that you could imagine any of the characters putting on while doing homework. Explore this slideshow to take a listen for yourself.

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