The Women Who Kill Cast Is Seriously Stacked

Photo: Courtesy of Ali Goldstein/CBS.
The new CBS All Access show Why Women Kill (streaming as of Aug. 15) tells the stories of three women, living in the same house in three different decades: the '60s, the '80s, and the 2010s. But while they exist in different time periods, the women are all dealing with cheating husbands. (Or in the case of the 2019 wife, a husband who is not following the rules of their open marriage agreement.) It seems that disloyalty is the reason why women kill, but the show isn't revealing if these women kill just yet.
Season 1 might only be debuting now, but the creator of the show, Marc Cherry, who also created Desperate Housewives, told Variety that if it gets another season, he'd like to start over with new characters and have an American Horror Story, anthology-type situation.
"If we are so lucky as to get a second season, I will wipe the slate clean and start with all-new characters and all-new situations," he explained. "My hope is to establish a sort of repertory theater company and use all of the actors from season one as I can get to do it. That opens up the option for new actors to come along."
Will they still be facing cheating husbands? Will there be another reason the women want to kill? Time will tell.
While the show is airing on one of the less buzzy streaming services, it definitely has some star power. The three main women are played by Ginnifer Goodwin, Lucy Liu, and The Good Place's Kirby Howell-Bapiste. Here's who they're playing, and playing alongside, in the first season of Why Women Kill.

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