There's Only One Way Four Weddings And A Funeral Would Come Back For Season 2

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Does anything on television actually end anymore? Four Weddings and a Funeral is a limited series, but so was Big Little Lies and we all saw what happened there. So if you get to the end of Hulu's new rom-com series and want more, you could be in luck. Four Weddings and a Funeral could return for season 2 if fans love it enough.
Deadline reported that executive producer Mindy Kaling and showrunner Tracey Wigfield discussed the possibility of more Four Weddings episodes at the TCAs (annual panels hosted by the Television Critics Association). At first, Kaling joked that a second season wasn't really in her and Wigfield's hands. "Is that up to us?" Kaling said with a laugh, referring to Hulu being the true deciding force and adding that they were still finishing up season 1. "We’re still editing Episode 10," she said.
Like with most Hulu series, Four Weddings dropped four episodes at once on Hulu on July 31, while the rest of the 10 episodes will hit the streaming site each Wednesday. But once those 10 episodes play out and the show ends in September, fans may be clamoring for more. That's key to any possibility of a second season. Deadline reported that Wigfield said, at the TCAs, that an audience demand for more episodes is what could make a second season of the limited series an actual possibility.
Four Weddings is an ensemble show, and it's filled with strong character stories. When it ends, viewers will almost certainly want to know what happens next for Maya and her group of former college friends, as well as their messy love stories. Wigfield said at the TCAs that the series ends in a satisfying way because the team "wrote it as a complete story" for 10 fulfilling episodes. But nothing is satisfying if you love the characters so much that you just want to keep watching their lives play out.
Also on the series' side is the fact that it isn't bound by its source material (it's merely inspired by the original Four Weddings, rather than a copy of that story). Technically, that means the writers could take it wherever they want to. It's not like Kaling, Wigfield, and the team took a two hour movie and stretched it out over 10 hours. Instead, they took the idea of having a group of friends in England, four weddings, and one funeral, and then took things in a completely new direction. That means that if the show were to return for more, it could continue on with the group audiences (may) come to know and love.
But, if you finish all 10 episodes and you want to see more of a series that, again, was slated as a limited one, you're probably going to have to make some serious noise.

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