There Are So Many Euphoria Finale Theories & They Will All Break Your Heart

Photo: courtesy of HBO.
Euphoria has taken us for a ride these past few months (not the kind Cassie takes on the merry-go-round). It's finally coming to a close next week. After last night's episode, HBO teased the season 1 finale of the dark, drug-fueled drama starring Zendaya and Hunter Schafer. It prompted a bunch of theories that do not promise a happy ending for our favorite characters.
First things first, let's talk about the gun in the trailer for the finale. In one shot, we see it getting loaded, and in another, it's pointed at someone off-screen. That suggests that a character could get shot, but some even bigger spoilers may have been hiding right in front of our faces.
Euphoria is adapted from 2012 Israeli miniseries, and while the two only overlap slightly, because director Sam Levison brings his experiences into this adaptation, they share a similar premise. That means it is possible that some of the plot points from the original could show up on our screens.
A big one? Rue (Zendaya) is dead and has been narrating this whole story posthumously. That's how it went down in the Israeli version, and Reddit suspects the HBO version is doing the same thing.
"I thought the fact that she's narrating all the events on screen as if it already happened means all the events are going to be leading down to . . . Something," one user wrote. "Maybe to another overdose? Idk"
Some viewers have a different theory. They think Jules (Schaeffer) is the character who is going to die, and the narration is Rue's reflection.
"Either she's dead or Jules dies and she goes back to rehab and is retelling the story to somebody," a Reddit user suggested.
If you want to wade another layer deep into some extremely unverified territory, there is a list of wild events that apparently went down on Israeli Euphoria.
As well as an alleged leak script in which Nate (Jacob Elordi) winds up dead.
So far, however, these are all the shakiest of rumors, and there's truly no way to predict which way the show is going to go. Perhaps the bigger question is: What would any of these endings mean for season 2?

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