We Now Know Which Fan Brand Queen Elizabeth II Prefers

Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images.
Hot weather has befallen the United Kingdom and the tea, as they say, is scalding. This week saw the onset of the second heatwave to hit Europe this summer, and pending secession from the EU will not spare the UK, much less its head of state, the 90-degree weather.
On Wednesday, Queen Elizabeth II greeted Britain’s new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, in Buckingham Palace. Despite Boris being Donald Trump’s ideological twin and white cheddar lookalike, this moment, like many others in Buckingham Palace, had to be photographed for the history books. Photographers captured everything from Boris’s smile to the Queen’s glove-less hands to the… Dyson fan in the background?
Perhaps because it was nearly 90 degrees that day in London and a 775-room palace that dates back to the 17th century could not have possibly been designed with global warming’s heat waves in mind, the monarch relied on one of today’s many room-cooling gadgets. Specifically, Dyson’s Pure Hot + Cool Link Air Purifier.
Apart from wondering why, in 2019, her Majesty does not have access to central air conditioning, we’re eager to know what makes this standing fan special. Dyson’s Pure + Hot heater and fan costs about $400. It cools in the summer, heats in the spring, and purifies the air all year-round.
Is there one in every room? Does the Queen carry the remote in her handbag? Is the direction the fan is facing indicative of where her Majesty was last seated? Also, what does the Queen think of how this fan looks in her otherwise traditional abode?

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