Everyone Who's Gotten Out Of Prison On Orange Is The New Black, From Season 1 To Now

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
When Orange Is The New Black premiered on Netflix in 2013, Piper Chapman was just starting her sentence after being convicted for drug trafficking. Now, it’s 2019, OITNB’s seventh and final season is finally here, and Piper is free — but she’s not the only one. Many other Litchfield inmates have managed to get out from behind bars over the course of the show… even though some of them have, unfortunately, ended right back in prison.
Try as some of them might to escape (or to overthrow the prison during a riot), the women who have actually been released were released because their sentence had ended, or because there had been some kind of extenuating circumstances where they earned their freedom a little early. Seeing these inmates leave Litchfield behind can be emotional, especially when they’re not sure where to go or how they’ll survive when they get out, but some of them have been able to start better lives.
Here are all the OITNB inmates who got out of prison at some point in the last seven seasons. Now that the show is over, there are a lot of fan favorites whose fates will never be revealed, but who knows? Maybe, somehow, Taystee, Nicky, and everyone else will manage to be free women again.

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