No One Saw A Thing Is The Latest True Crime Thriller To Keep You Up At Night

Photo: Courtesy of SundanceTV.
It’s the dog days of summer and if you don’t have a beach or lake trip on the agenda, you’re probably looking for a new show to binge while you lie in air conditioned splendor. And No One Saw a Thing might be your next favorite obsession.
The six-episode true crime series examines the unsolved murder of a “town bully” and looks at the effects of vigilante justice.
“I’m really glad he’s dead,” says a woman’s voice ominously in the opening of the trailer. “It was the only way he was going to stop.”
Back in 1981, in Skidmore, MO, Ken McElroy was convicted of shooting a 70-year-old grocer who was injured after he reportedly asked McElroy’s daughter to return a piece of candy she had taken. McElroy appealed his conviction and was released. He then continued harassing the grocer.
The very next day McElroy was shot to death by bullets from at least two different firearms, in broad daylight in front of at least two dozen people think a lot of people are looking for closure,” Belkin said. “The new generation is kind of upset that this is still looming over the town.”
McElroy allegedly was a thief who also abused women. He was indicted as many as 21 times, but escaped conviction all but once, BuzzFeed reported in an article about the crime last year.
Director Avi Belkin spoke with People about visiting the town to shoot the series, and the how the locals feel about the strange incident, which made national news at the time, being brought up again.
No One Saw a Thing premieres on Sundance TV August 1.

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