Meet The Cast & Characters Of Netflix's Latest Space Adventure, Another Life

Netflix's sci-fi show Another Life, out July 25, begins at the moment that the world changes. The aliens land on Earth on a sunny day. Their spacecraft (called an "artifact" in the show) is iridescent and sprawling. They seem to be peaceful, but who really knows? It's impossible to communicate with the aliens — for now.
Another Life is about the race for communication, which takes people into labs and into space. At the heart of the mission is one couple, who seemingly have prepared their whole careers for this moment. Niko Breckinridge (Katee Sackoff) leaves her husband Erik (Justin Chatwin) and daughter (Lina Renna) to find the aliens' home; Erik works to break the aliens' code à la Arrival.
Here's everyone you need to know in Another Life in the galaxy and on the ground.
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Niko Breckenridge

Niko is summoned to command the Salvare Space Mission. She leaves her husband and daughter for the higher calling of finding out where these aliens originate. Every episode, Niko and her crew encounter some new trial. Space diseases! Space parasites! Space, as it turns out, is treacherous. Though you don't need Another Life to tell you that — you already have the SyFy channel.

Who Plays Niko: Katee Sackoff is a sci-fi star, best known for playing Lieutenant Kara "Starbuck" Thrace in Battlestar Galactica.
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Harper Glass

Harper Glass is an influencer, upgraded. Instead of using a phone she communicates with her denizens of followers with weird transparent glass screens. She apparently has more reach than any other news network — and she's desperate to know what the aliens really want.

Who Plays Harper: Yes, that really is Selma Blair. The Selma Blair. On a Netflix sci-fi show.
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Erik Wallace

The Breckinridge-Wallaces are here to singlehandedly save the planet. While Niko goes on the Salvare, her husband Erik stays home to try to communicate with the aliens directly.

Who Plays Erik: Justin Chatwin, battling aliens yet again in War of the Worlds and Doctor Who. This is a trend.
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Jana Breckinridge-Wallace

Jana's having a hard time dealing with her parents being in perpetual danger. She's especially worried about her mother, who is somewhere in space.

Who Plays Jana: Lina Renna, not to be confused with Lisa Rinna. She's appeared in The Edge of Seventeen, which you should watch on Netflix now.
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William is anything you need him to be, quiet literally. William is the AI of the Salvare ship. He contorts himself to an ideal form, based on the spaceship commander's needs.

Who Plays William: Samuel Anderson is also a veteran of sci-fi shows. He was the beloved Danny Pink in Doctor Who.
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Oliver Sokolov

Oliver is one of the ship's engineers. He's from an underwater city, so that's cool.

Who Plays Oliver: Alex Ozerov is in the David Harbour Netflix special, Frankenstein's Monster's Monster, Frankenstein.
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Ian Yerxa

Ian Yerxa is Niko's second-in-command. He's having a hard time swallowing Niko's leadership.

Who Plays Oliver: Tyler Hoechlin channels some of the werewolf energy from his days on Teen Wolf to play the hotheaded Ian Yerxa. He also played Superman in Supergirl.
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August is the youngest member of the crew aboard the Salvare.

Who Plays August: Catch Blu Hunt in New Mutants whenever the movie comes out.
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Zayn Petrossian

Zayn, who uses the pronoun ze, is the ship's medic and psychologist. Ze helps Niko as she crumblesunder the pressure.

Who Plays Zayn: JayR Tinaco is an Australian actor whose biggest credit to date is Always Be My Maybe, and now Another Life.
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Cas Isakovic

After disaster strikes, navigator Cas is woken up from her "soma" sleep mid-way through the trip to help. She has a secret. Dun dun dun.

Who Plays Cas: You probably recognize Elizabeth Faith Ludlow from The Walking Dead and Guardians of the Galaxy.
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Michelle Vargas

Michelle is the Salvare's communications expert. For a communications expert, though, she's constantly clashing with the other people on board a whole lot.

Who Plays Michelle: Jessica Camacho, who played Gypsy on the superhero TV show The Flash.
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Sasha Harrison

For some reason, a member of the government has to accompany the Salvare crew on their trip to deep space. Sasha's the guy.

Who Plays Sasha: Jake Abel played the notorious half-sibling to Sam and Dean Winchester on the long-running show Supernatural.

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