The Hills Didn't Really Explain Justin Bobby's Band, So We Will

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A lot has changed since The Hills went off the air in 2010. Many of the cast members had babies and got married. Lauren Conrad stopped talking to pretty much everyone. And Justin "Bobby" Brescia started a band called BobbyrocK. Yep, the "man so great he needed two names" named his band after his own moniker. (His full name is really Justin Robert Brescia, hence the "Bobby".)
And now that The Hills is back with The Hills: New Beginnings, Brescia's band has been featured on the show, which is no doubt a great platform for BobbyrocK to make itself known. (As the band is well aware.) But BobbyrocK isn't new. Justin Bobby's band was formed in 2014, according to an interview Brescia did with Bustle in 2015, along with his friend and former bandmate, drummer David Dariani. At the time Brescia explained that playing music had always been an interest of his. "Music's been there," he said. "I started in this band, Ed Stanley, when I was about 19, 20, and stayed with them until I was about 29. Then I stopped to do some traveling. I wanted to get back into it."
Since then, BobbyrocK has released three albums: Listen as Loud as They Do in 2015, OuTTa tUne N oFF BeAt in 2017, and Dressed in Black: Acoustic, Vol. 1 earlier this year. But, in that time, the lineup has changed. Instead of Dariani, the BobbyrocK website mentions a bassist, Tony “T-BONE” Camillo, and a drummer named Lindsey Martin. The site also makes it seem that the band is more Brescia's thing; like he himself is "BobbyrocK" and he plays with a band. "One thing's for sure, when Justin 'BobbyrocK' Brescia hits the stage you're in for a real treat," the site reads.
As for what type of band BobbyrocK is, the site describes it as "alternative punk rock." In a 2015 interview with E! ahead of their first album, Brescia shared some of his influences and favorite musicians. "As a kid, I remember in my walkman falling asleep to Onyx, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Bruce Springsteen, Offspring, Ozzy; breaking most the tapes from rewinding too much."
If you'd like to check BobbyrocK out for yourself, their music is available to listen to on their site and on Spotify. Their top songs include "Rock City" and this song that doesn't not sound like the title of some Justin Bobby fanfic, "Fucking On The Moon":
And while Brescia is well-known in the reality TV world — and part of some iconic moments — since BobbyrocK hasn't made it too big, you can see them perform live in some small venues. They often post where they're playing next on the official BobbyrocK Instagram, which also includes a whola lotta Justin Bobby, naturally.

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