Is The Hills' Justin Bobby Still Wearing Combat Boots To The Beach?

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“Homeboy wore combat boots to the beach.” That’s a sentence fans of The Hills will never forget, and now, that combat boot-wearing homeboy is about to return to reality TV. The Hills star Justin Bobby, aka Justin Robert Brescia, was Audrina Patridge’s on-again-off-again boyfriend on the original series, and he’s returning for The Hills: New Beginnings, which premieres June 24. But Justin Bobby is not just a reality show boyfriend with a catchy nickname. He has other stuff going on, too.
In the time since The Hills finale in 2010, Justin Bobby has done a number of “where is he now”-type interviews, in which he talked about everything else he’s had going on. So the good news is, we know quite a bit about his life leading up to New Beginnings.
In 2016, Broadly ran a profile on Justin that explained that after the show ended, he moved to Nicaragua for two and a half years. The now 37-year-old was a hairstylist when he first joined the show — he was the stylist for Maroon 5 at the time — and he continued his career in that area since the show ended. Justin opened a couple of salons called Brush Your Hair, along with a line of products of the same name. The salon was first run out of his loft in New York, reports Complex. Then, one location was in Costa Mesa, California, but has since closed, and the other location — which appears to still be open — is in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua.
In addition to his hairstyling journey, Justin is also a musician. He plays with a band called BobbyocK, which, according to their website, seems to be more Justin’s thing with a backing band. One line of the BobbyocK description refers to “BobbyrocK” more like a stage name: “When Justin ‘BobbyrocK’ Brescia Hits The Stage You're In For A Real Treat.” The description also name drops The Hills and says, “Amongst The Heaviest Hitters In The Industry All Know Who Justin 'Bobby' Brescia Is On A First Name Basis.” More like on a first and shortened middle name basis.
As for his personal life, Cosmopolitan reported in February that he’s dating an Instagram celebrity and model named Lindsay Pelas, which the publication said was confirmed via an Instagram DM from his publicist. The two aren’t posting a bunch of pics of each other, but Cosmo did point out that her account is one of only seven he follows on Instagram. Also, they hosted an event together.
It seems this relationship hasn’t been going on for that long. In December, Entertainment Tonight spoke with Justin and reported that he was single. Unfortunately for any Justin and Audrina shippers still holding out hope (Hello? Is anybody out there?), he said at the time he wasn’t interested in getting back together with her. “Not gonna happen,” he said. “Old school. New beginnings, not for that, though.” He also added that viewers “might meet a few ladies, but I’m so busy and fast. I’m too quick for love.” More recently, Audrina teased to Us Weekly that there could still be something between them — or at least some flirting.
With the show premiering on Monday, it won’t be long now until viewers see everything that Justin’s up to now first hand. And whether he wants people to call him “Justin Bobby” or not.

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