How To Get A Free Starbucks Frappuccino Today

Photographed by Nicole Maroon.
Office coffee is, for the most, decent at best. A sad drip-coffee maker is standard office decor. And even in the age of nitro cold brew, some folks still bring a “I <3 NY” mug to work to help themselves to some office Joe. Other workplaces, probably the kind open floor plans and plants galore, go all out: offering drip coffee from one machine, espresso drinks from another, and come summertime, cold brew on tap.
This all might explain why the perennial coffee break is still going strong. Sure, 16 fluid ounces of black coffee have enough caffeine for an effective pick-me-up. But it doesn’t beat the reinvigorating powers of a brisk walk to the nearest coffee shop. Lucky for you, today at 3:00 p.m. Starbucks has another happy hour for you.
Buy one espresso or Frappuccino drink in a size grande or larger, and get a second one free. Why settle for one of the four options of your office drink maker if you can choose from Starbucks’ plethora of options? Only at Starbucks can you customize your order down to the last drop of water and walk out of the store with your name “creatively” spelled on your cup.
With this buy-one-get-one deal, you might be able to justify ducking out of the office for an afternoon coffee, by coming back with a second drink for your boss.

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