Toy Story 4 Has Something Special In Lieu Of A Pixar Short

Photo: Courtesy of Pixar.
With the release of Toy Story 4, Pixar has now had a whopping 21 movies gracing the big screen, but they’ve actually created way more than just these feature films. The studio started out as a commercial agency, before turning their attention to making computer generated shorts which gained critical acclaim way before the likes of Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear. Though the studio has predominantly switched to making major blockbuster movies (and Toy Story 4 will be no exception), they still create shorts here and there, often tacking them on to major releases
However, even with all this lead-up, we, unfortunately, have to announce that there is no Pixar short attached to Toy Story 4. Yes, it’s a bummer. But the bright side is that you don’t have to wait an extra 10 minutes even after the previews are over before you’re reunited with Woody and Buzz again. And there's always the possibility that a new short could end up on the home release for Toy Story 4 — like a brand new short, or a short that’s in-world for Toy Story.
Toy Story 4 is now only the third Pixar movie to not feature a short beforehand, following the first Toy Story, Cars 2, and Coco (but Coco famously had Olaf’s Frozen Adventure play before the movie, which led to a massive outcry since the “short” was actually 21 minutes long). However, just because there’s not a new short it doesn’t mean there aren’t references to the shorts in Toy Story 4. The antique shop prominently featured in the movie includes Easter eggs for every single Pixar movie and its shorts. Some of the easiest ones to find are for “Lifted” and “Knick Knack” which appear as board games during a scene where Woody is helping out Bo Peep.
And while there might not be a short before the movie, there’s a reason to stick around after the movie. Many Pixar films have included short scenes during the credits — usually in the form of "bloopers" — but Toy Story 4 instead shows us a few more scenes that actually move the story forward. They’re also way too good to completely give away (and will also spoil who’s where at the end of the movie), but just know you shouldn’t get up and leave your seat right away.
In fact, you shouldn’t get up and leave your seat until the end of the credits, because yes, there’s one last moment at the very end. And once again, that’d be too good to spoil but it involves someone who is more than likely your new favorite Toy Story character. Stay in your seat to see him do one last thing, because yes he Canada.

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