Oatly’s Oat Milk Ice Cream Is Here & It’s Seriously Delicious

This is not your typical "non-dairy frozen dessert." Oatly’s latest offering is milk- and nut-free, but this oat milk treat is seriously legit. Trust us, we tasted it.
Around a year ago, Oatly charmed baristas in self-aware coffee shops across the country. Cut to today, where our oat milk obsession resulted in a literal oat milk shortage. With a newly-opened oat milk plant in New Jersey, Oatly’s shortage is under control and the Swedish oat milk baron can turn its attention to “cooler” projects.
Starting this month, seven Oatly ice cream flavors will hit bodega shelves across New York City. In Southern California, a baby pink and mint-green ice cream truck has been secretly making the rounds, giving West Coast oat milk fans (and ice cream lovers, in general) a taste.
Later this summer, the pints will hit Wegman’s shelves and Whole Foods aisles in the Fall for $5.99 a pint.
The flavor choices include your usual chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry; the last of which turned our team of strawberry ice cream haters into loyal converts. In a surprising yet-totally-obvious move, there is also an Oat flavor, with all the rich nuttiness that we’ve grown to need in our morning coffee (just think of it: an oat ice cream affogato). But don’t get it twisted, the Oat flavor is the only flavor that tastes like oat.
Unfortunately these pints don't have the cheeky names that Sweden and other markets have grown to love, like “Pretty Average Vanilla Ice Cream” or “Totally Basic Chocolate.” But then again, we’re not eating the packaging.

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