Forget Cotton Candy Grapes, Rosé Berries Are The New Fruit Of The Summer

It’s always been about sneaking the peas into the mashed potatoes, but these days, parents of picky eaters can turn to things like Cotton Candy Grapes to ensure their kids eat some fruit. Even some adults rely on the candy-flavored fruit to ensure they get their five servings.
Perhaps that’s why Driscoll’s just debuted rosé berries, a new breed of light pink strawberries and raspberries that taste like rosé. Your mid-afternoon berry snack is now your rosé-hour fix.
Purposefully buying light pink berries with the flavor profile of an alcoholic beverage seems counter-intuitive. After all, the darker the berry the sweeter the juice and produce past their prime tend to take on the taste of alcohol. But these rosé berries were created with sweetness in mind and claim to taste like peaches, with a rosé twist.
Through traditional breeding methods (in other words, these gems are GMO-free), rosé berries have a “smooth, silky, creamy texture,” that packs the “peachy-floral” aromas of a good and dry rosé. The raspberries are a cross-breed of golden and red raspberries.
Home cooks, think of the possibilities: a blush-tinted rosé raspberry jam, a huge summer tart brimming with rosé strawberry slices, rosé strawberry shortcake – the rosé possibilities are endless.
You can shop these rose-tinted gems through September at Baldor and Fresh Direct in the east coast or at your local Whole Foods if you’re in Northern California.
The rosé-fication of the beverage world has touched everything from vodka to seltzer and is now spilling over into the produce section. And the candy aisle. And the energy drink fridge. Oh, and the condiment aisle, too.

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