Who Those Sirens Could Be After In The Trinkets Season 1 Finale

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Warning: This article will spoil the end of Trinkets season 1.
After the dystopian sci-fit hit The Society last month, Netflix is back with another series for teenagers. By the end of Trinkets season 1, Tabitha (Quintessa Swindell), Moe (Kiana Madeira), and Elodie (Brianna Hildebrand) have forged a forever friendship, and made one major mistake. The series takes a turn in episode five after the girls steal a car belonging to Tabitha’s abusive ex-boyfriend Brady (Brandon Butler) and accidentally crash it. Elodie, Tabitha, and Moe decide to push the car into a lake, and this decision is a catalyst for all the drama that happens in the second half of the season. But the final minutes of the Trinkets finale leave the question of sirens hanging in the balance. Who are they coming for and why are they on their tail? Here's where everyone lands and why the most likely candidate for big trouble is Elodie:
Elodie’s emotions are on a rollercoaster ride in the finale. Her home life seems to be somewhat stable and she finally decides to have dinner and interact with her family. Her dad trusts her enough to let her leave to see Sabine (Katrina Cunningham). She arrives at the club where Sabine is rehearsing, and the singer informs her that her band was hired last minute to go on tour. Elodie is at first saddened by the news, but then Sabine invites Elodie to come with her as “head groupie.” Elodie knows she has school and friends and can’t make a rash decision.
But then, her shoplifting secret is revealed to her father when he discovers her stash of stolen items beneath her bed. He thinks she needs to be treated for her addiction and plans to send her away to a facility. Elodie contacts Moe and Tabitha before her phone is taken away and they respond by breaking her out of her house. She thanks them and says her final goodbyes to them as she tosses the key to Brady’s sunken car, the only evidence connecting all of them to the crime, off a bridge into the water. She joins Sabine on her road tour and leaves a note for her father saying she has run away.
The last shot of the episode is unclear and leaves open multiple directions for a potential second season. The van Elodie and Sabine are in is traveling down an empty road, and sirens are heard in the background. Brady could have called the police, since he had the number dialed on his phone when we last saw him. The police could be coming after Elodie to arrest her for stealing his car.
The police could also be coming after Sabine if Elodie’s dad contacted them. Elodie is a minor (and it is highly suggested Sabine is not) so Sabine could technically be arrested for kidnapping. It’s possible that the police are not after the two of them at all and that the audio overlay is a misdirect — the sirens could be for Moe getting caught shoplifting, or for Tabitha if Brady was feeling particularly jilted about the Luca thing. But, because of where they are placed in the episode, it's mostly likely that they're coming for Elodie.
Tabitha feels immense pressure during the series finale, but compared to Moe and Elodie, she has the most promising ending. The episode starts off with Tabitha and Luca (Henry Zaga) building their relationship and making plans to meet up later. But then things turn grim because Tabitha’s mom (Joy Bryant) tells her that she plans to reconcile with her cheating husband (Linden Ashby). Her mom also continues to make light of Tabitha’s breakup with Brady because she still doesn’t know how he physically and mentally abused Tabitha.
Things take a turn for the worse when Brady realizes that Tabitha is the only person who knows his gym locker combo and is thus mostly likely the person who broke into his locker and stole his keys. He confronts her with this information and at first she hides her secret pretty well. But then she eventually caves to cover for Moe and Elodie and agrees to get back with Brady if he doesn’t report them to the police.
Thankfully, Tabitha gets a somewhat happy ending — for now. She works with Moe to help Elodie escape being sent away to deal with her shoplifting. It is then implied she tells her mom (off-screen) about Brady being a dangerous guy because her mom prevents him from coming to their Stanford event. Luca arrives at her house later and all seems well, but Brady is outside watching them. Now, not only does the vindictive ex know she probably drowned his car with Elodie and Moe, but he also realizes she has moved on. Brady is last shown being seconds away from dialing the Portland police — it's just not clear who he's turning in. Would it be just Tabitha, as retaliation? Perhaps he'd only single out her friends, or even Luca, as a way of removing the competition for his affections — he is a pretty messed up guy.
Poor Moe. She definitely is left with the worst circumstances at the end of the series finale after being so hopeful at the start of the episode. She is officially back on good terms with Elodie and Tabitha after confessing to not actually being a shoplifter. But that’s the only highlight of the episode for her. She confides in her mom that Moe’s dad has been recently released from prison and she has been in contact with him. Later, Moe goes to the diner where she used to work with Noah (Odiseas Georgiadis) and waits all night for her father. He never shows.
Moe seeming doesn’t let the disappointment over her father get her down, and instead she decides to focus her energy on her friends. Tabitha tells Elodie and Moe that she is back together with Brady because he knows about the car. Moe sees Brady at school and can’t contain her anger, so she punches him in the face. She also works with Tabitha to rescue Elodie from her house.
The major blows come for Moe in the final few moments of the episode. Moe admits to Noah that Brady is abusive and that is why she hit him. He supports her, but Moe is suspended for her violent act. One of the last moments shows Moe receiving an email that says her acceptance to a STEM program abroad in Korea (which she has been hoping for the entire season) was revoked because of her suspension. Overwhelmed with the let down of her father and the loss of the study opportunity, Moe is last seen in a convenience store shoplifting for the first time.
It's entirely possible that the sirens at the end are representative of trouble for all three girls, for all three of their different legally sticky issues: Tabitha, for the car; Moe, for being an unskilled shoplifter; and Elodie (but really Sabine), for being a kidnapped minor.
So many possibilities! But we won't find out until Netflix renews the show, so get on it, guys.

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