Younger Season 6 Wasn't Written As A Series Finale, So Bring On The Renewal, Please

Photo: Courtesy of TV Land.
After a show hits five or more seasons, the conversation inevitably starts to shift to talk of when it will end. As much as fans would love their favorite series to go on forever, there’s nothing worse than a show sticking around past its expiration date. The stories get stale, characters leave and sharks get jumped. But while the addictive, romantic and hilarious Younger starts season 6, it still feels like there is so much more story to tell. Liza (Sutton Foster), Kelsey (Hilary Duff), Charles (Peter Hermann), Josh (Nico Tortorella) and the rest of the dramedy’s cast of characters have so much going on. And thankfully it sounds like creator Darren Star thinks Younger is far from its final season.
When speaking with The Hollywood Reporter about Younger season 6, Star opened up about the future of the series and it’s either great news or terrible news, depending on what happens when it become time for a renewal. “We decided not to make this a series ender, for sure,” he says about the upcoming season 6 finale. “As long as we have this really wonderful cast and we still have stories to tell, I definitely feel like we have another season ahead of us.”
In an interview with ET Canada (above), star Sutton Foster seems to agree, as she looks forward to season 6. "This show is aging well," she says.
If Younger does get renewed for season 7, then season 6 will (hopefully) have a whole new set of drama set up for Liza and Co. But if Younger gets canceled after season 6 and the finale ends on a cliffhanger, that’s going to be torture for fans. There is some hope though, because according to Star, there are “exploratory” talks about a potential season 7 at the moment. “Ultimately, it’s their decision,” Star says of the execs at TV Land and Paramount Network. “[But] yes. I think we all want another season.”
As for when that potential renewal could come, last year the news was announced at the season 5 premiere party. If the network follows that same trend, a renewal could come at any moment.
Plus, the series is entering a whole new world this season. Star warns that “next season becomes something different.” So if Younger does get renewed for season 7, buckle up because it sounds like there are some big changes coming.

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