Where We Left Off With Younger, In Case You Somehow Forgot About That Charles-Liza Twist

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So much for that happy ending. When the last season of Younger ended, all signs pointed to Liza (Sutton Foster) and Charles (Peter Hermann) finally, after five whole seasons, getting together for real, no secrets and no hiding. They had professed their feelings for each other, started seeing each other and when their relationship was outed to the world, Charles even stepped down from Empirical so he could be with Liza and not have to keep anything a secret. Everything was great! Until… that look. You know the one.
Charles and Liza were walking hand-in-hand down the sidewalk in NYC and both of their elated smiles slowly fell off their faces. They looked… disappointed? Regretful? Terrified? They couldn’t even last one hour without hitting their first relationship obstacle? That means nothing but trouble for Younger season 6, when it returns June 12. But Charles and Liza aren't the only people with problems. It's been a while since that season 5 finale aired, so here's what you need to remember about everyone else's troubles going into the new season.
Kelsey's New Job At Empirical
While Liza and Charles may be out of the honeymoon stage a lot quicker than any fans expected, things are looking up for Liza’s BFF Kelsey (Hilary Duff). Because Charles stepped down as the head of Empirical, she’s now in charge and Millenial is now going to be the flagship imprint of the entire publishing company with new investors and capital flowing via Quinn Tyler (Laura Benanti). Talk about a promotion! The timing has never been better to see a young woman in a position of power and hopefully Kelsey is going to succeed in her new role, especially since she’s coming into it when the company is still dealing with the scandal of Charles and Liza’s affair coming to life.
Kelsey & Zane's New Deal
As for Kelsey’s romantic life? Well, seeing as how Zane (Charles Michael Davis) professed his love to her before leaving Empirical means that she can have her cake and eat it too. She can actually have a real relationship with Zane without having to worry about dating a former co-worker and new employee. These are all good things, but only if Kelsey decides she wants the relationship. That’s a cliffhanger that is sure to be resolved quickly in the season 6 premiere. Maybe this will be the season that Kelsey experiences both professional and personal highs! A girl can dream, right?
#TeamJosh Is Alive & Well Again
Photo: Courtesy of TV Land.
One of the biggest shocks in the Younger season 5 finale came when Josh (Nico Tortorella) had a personal realization during a sacred cacao ceremony while considering being a sperm donor for Malkie (Sally Pressman). He did see himself being a father, but not as a sperm donor for a friend. His vision showed him where his true happiness is: having a baby with someone he loves. And not just anyone, but Liza. That’s right, #TeamJosh may be down but he’s not out yet! Younger has always gone back and forth between #TeamJosh and #TeamCharles when it comes to Liza’s heart, and while the past few seasons made it seem as if the battle was over, it’s clear the war is still on, at least in Josh’s mind. Will he try to win Liza back this season?
Problem: Josh's Ex Is Pregnant
He might have if his wife Claire (Anastasia Barzee) didn’t show up at his door, looking extremely pregnant herself. So now that Josh decided he doesn’t want to have a baby unless it’s with someone he loves, his wife who abandoned him is probably pregnant with his baby. Now that’s some pretty unfortunate timing, because you just know that poor, sweet Josh is going to do the right thing and be with Claire and help raise the baby, even if it turns out not to be his. He’s just that good.
Diana & Enzo 4Ever?
And last but certainly not least, Diana (Miriam Shor) may be upset that Charles handed the keys to Empirical to Kelsey over her, but at least she finally got the epic rom-com story that she deserves. After almost breaking things off with Enzo (Chris Tardio) over something as silly as laughing at a “fatberg” emergency, Diana realized just how much she loved Enzo when he went missing during the Fatberg Five crisis. She even ran through the streets to get to him. When he emerged from the sewers covered in a lot (and we mean a lot) of unidentified sewage substances and liquids and goops, she didn’t even care. She hugged him and kissed him, relieved that he was alive and okay. Now that’s romance! Fingers crossed that Diana and Enzo keep going strong in season 6.

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