How To Get The Best Food & Drink Instagrams At Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

Photo: Courtesy of Disney Parks.
Whether you have secured your reservation to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland, or are waiting for the gates to open to all Disneyland goers on June 24, you're probably going to have a few priorities once you enter this new galaxy far, far away.
Sure, you'll want to get shaken down by a Stormtrooper, build your own lightsaber, or pilot the Millennium Falcon — but you've also get to get a few perfect images for the 'gram. After all, the new Star Wars land is basically one giant Instagram trap. Of course, most menus don't picture what, exactly, you're about to get on your plate or how it might catch the afternoon light in the streets of Batuu (that's the planet where Galaxy's Edge is set, to the uninitiated). The drinks at Oga's Cantina are a straight-up mystery until they arrive at your table, and some dishes, while delicious, are not going to bring the likes. But we ventured to the Outer Rim and tested a few of the park's offerings and confirm, these are the most Instagram-worthy dishes in the galaxy.
1. Blue Milk (Yes, Really)
Photo: Courtesy of Disney Parks.
It's a simple offering, and one that fans have known would be a part of Disneyland's Star Wars land since the first rumblings made it to the internet. The light blue frozen beverage, made from rice and coconut milks and bursting with tropical (but not too terribly sweet) flavors, is actually kind of the perfect 'gram. Not only is it the classic beverage that Luke Skywalker drinks in his first scene in Star Wars: A New Hope, and a beverage fans have been trying to recreate on their own for decades, it's just beautiful and served to-go which means every inch of the immersive theme park serves as the perfect backdrop. It's also by far the nerdiest option of the bunch.
Unfortunately, the green milk alternate (a floral, citrus version of the rice-coconut milk blend) doesn't quite look as picturesque against the backdrop of the Batuu marketplace.
2. The Outer Rim Drink From Oga's Cantina
You would think that the drinks that bubble and froth like some sort of mystical space-age concoction would make for the best pic, but do not be fooled. Those drinks are fun in real life, but between the moody lighting in the cantina and the fact that much of the smoky effect dissipates by the time the drink actually makes it to the table, they're tough to capture.
Most of the Cantina cocktails can be primed for a perfect picture by placing them on the ring light that graces every table top in the bar, but the crown jewel is The Outer Rim, a pink tequila cocktail topped with golden tropical fruit puree and rimmed with black salt. If Finn & Rey ever got a break from the First Order and went for margaritas, we're pretty sure this is what it would look like.
Photo: Courtesy of Disney Parks.
3. The Fuzzy Tauntaun From Oga's Cantina
It's not quite as elaborate or fanciful as The Outer Rim, but the Fuzzy Tauntaun is easy to drink, has a nice golden hue, and comes in a glass that doesn't look like something you could just pick up a Target. When placed on one of the table lights and against the pinkish backdrop of the cantina itself, the yellow drink and its bubbly decoration on top actually make for a great shot.
4. The Desserts At Docking Bay 7 Food And Cargo
Photo: Courtesy of Disney Parks.
Most of the food at the higher end restaurant (there is no table service joint in space, it would seem) is delicious, but between the lighting at the restaurant and the nature of rectangular chicken patties and nearly purple blueberry cornbread puffs, nearly impossible to capture without making it look like space gruel. The desserts, however, are a slam dunk. The Oi-oi Puff (raspberry cream puff with passionfruit mousse) resembles the greenish bread that Rey makes herself in The Force Awakens, if that bread went to a wealthier planet, got doused in fluffy mousse and given a little chocolate coin and raspberry coulis as accessories and the Batuu-bon (basically a chocolate bon-bon with coffee cream and a pretty purple top) look like space food you actually want to eat, which is the goal when you're trying to make your friends jealous on Instagram, obvi.

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