Does This Stranger Things & Baskin-Robbins Collaboration Have Clues About Season 3?

It’s July, 1985. Billy is the hot lifeguard at the local pool and Mrs. Wheeler is cooling herself off sipping on a can of New Coke. Dustin is back from camp and the whole gang's back together. Jonathan and Nancy look like they’re going to spill some tea to the Hawkins Post and Steve is… working at an ice cream shop.
The fictional ice cream shop, Scoops Ahoy, made its first appearance in the season 3 trailers for Stranger Things. Steve wears a form-fitting sailor outfit and it looks like he’s come a long way from being the high school alpha male we met in season one. And following a blockbuster collaboration with Coca-Cola, Netflix is also partnering with Baskin-Robbins to bring yet another Hawkins food item to life in June.
Baskin-Robbins is introducing two Flavors of the Month: For the Eggo Waffle queen, Eleven’s Heaven is a waffle-cone ice cream speckled with chocolate covered waffle bits and stripped with chocolate icing ribbons. For the demogorgons, Upside Down Pralines gives you a chocolate ice cream with praline pecans and chocolate-caramel ribbons.
Other special treats include: The Upside Down Sundae, which stars the Upside Down Praline scoop with upside-down-toppings of nuts, whipped cream and a cherry on top underneath. The Elevenade Freeze, a vanilla-lemonade summer drink cold enough to give you an Eleven-style nosebleed. The Demogorgon Sundae looks like an infant demogorgon. And for Joyce Byers, mother of two teenage sons, the Byers House Lights Polar Pizza Ice Cream Treat: a cookie cake iced with Snickers ice cream, and sprinkled with Christmas light-colored M&M’s. And spoiler hunters, this one’s for you: the USS Butterscotch Quarts is butterscotch ice cream, with butterscotch toffee and toffee swirl.
But wait, there’s more.
On July 9th, Scoops Ahoy will hop out of your screen and roll down the streets. The West Coast will be treated to a unique ice cream truck experience.
Raise your hand if you remember the gnarly collaboration between Baskin-Robbins and X-Men from back in 2003. If you do, these new sundaes are going to finally fill that hole that’s been empty all these years. And if you don’t, it’s OK because these Stranger Things inspired treats are better.

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