What Happened Between Lisa Rinna, Kim Richards, & The Fuzzy Bunny On Real Housewives

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Tuesday night marks Kim Richards’ much-teased return to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and, obviously, the event was never going to go smoothly. Dressed as what appeared to be a sexy 1930s gangster at Kyle Richards’ Halloween party, Kim Richards faced off with Lisa Rinna once again. (For the record, Lisa was in costume as Erika Jayne.)
Kim was one of the original RHOBH Housewives and Lisa joined in season 5, so the fact that we’re now on the ninth season means these two have a lot of Real Housewives history, including plenty of drama between them. Naturally, it all comes to a head in a very public place. But whether you were confused about Lisa Rinna's comment about a stuffed bunny or just want to relive her Amsterdam glass throw, here’s a look at the major moments of Kim and Lisa’s past that have led up to this one:
The Amsterdam Dinner
Things kicked off for Lisa and Kim’s feud during Lisa’s first season as a full-time Housewife, season 5. Kim had dealt with issues with her sobriety throughout the entire series, and newbie Lisa made that her concern, as well, including talking about Kim’s sobriety behind her back. The entire thing exploded during a dinner on the RHOBH trip to Amsterdam at which Kim threatened to reveal information she supposedly had about Lisa’s husband, famously saying, “Let’s talk about the husband.” This caused Lisa to completely lose her cool, throw wine at Kim, and then break the wine glass.
A Memory Lapse
Season 5 was Kim’s last season being a Housewife, but she’s returned as a guest since then. This included in season 7, during a big storyline that involved Lisa saying she didn’t remember gossiping about Kim, including saying that Kim was close to death and that Kyle was her enabler. Lisa had said this to Friend of the Housewives Eden Sassoon, and although she was asked about it repeatedly — and it was caught on tape — Lisa said she didn’t remember saying it long into the season. Before this, Lisa and Kim had tried to talk things out, but the conversation reached a climax when Lisa memorably blurted out, “Well, let’s talk about your arrests.”
The Bunny
It was also during Season 7 that The Bunny happened. As a peace offering to Kim, Lisa gave her a bunny meant for her new grandchild. But, instead of giving the bunny to her grandson, Kim brought it to the Season 7 reunion and gave it back to Lisa because it didn’t have “good energy.”
This really upset Lisa, who broke down crying in response. The bunny now lives in the Watch What Happens Live Clubhouse.
Now, Lisa and Kim have come face to face again. How will things turn out this time? Will Kim be back again? Will Lisa take the bunny from the Clubhouse and give it back to Kim at the reunion with better energy like Kim suggested two seasons ago? That probably won’t happen, but RHOBH viewers shouldn’t expect this to be the last they ever hear of that bunny or of Kim and Lisa’s feud.

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