The Movie That Vanderpump Rules' Beau & Kristen Made Together Is… Wild

Photo: Courtesy of Bravo.
While the main cast members of Vanderpump Rules are pretty much all professional reality stars now, when the show began, many of them had dreams of making it big as models, musicians, and actors. While those dreams didn’t exactly pan out, one of the cast member’s acting work led to something even better.
Stassi and her boyfriend Beau met because Beau and Kristen were in a movie together nearly a decade ago. You see, if Kristen hadn’t tried her hand at acting, her friend Stassi never would have found true love. And, we haven't even gotten to the best part yet: you can watch Beau and Kristen's short film online. Right now. And it's wild.
The movie is something the cast talks about during part three of the season 7 reunion, and it’s also something Stassi and Beau have commented on before. During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live in December, Stassi explained how she met Beau: “He made out with Kristen on a movie set 10 years ago.”
Technically, it was nine years ago. The Loneliness of the Long Distance Dreamer came out in 2010, three years before Vanderpump Rules premiered. The short stars Beau as a man named Decker Lonely, who is trying to get together with his “dream girl," who he fell for because “the way she utilized the return slot” at a video rental store “captivated” him. It’s like The Science of Sleep meets… I don’t know, a low-budget movie set in California with a bunch of half-naked women.
In the film, Kristen plays not one, but two characters: Mysterious Kisser and Tripping Bikini Girl. At the beginning of the movie, Decker Lonely and Mysterious Kisser share a kiss that’s filmed very close up. Later in the 15-minute-long movie, Tripping Bikini Girl accidentally trips Decker while he running on the beach, which allows Kristen to deliver her only line: “Is he dead?”
Over the years, Kristen and Beau maintained some sort of connection, but funnily enough, Beau has said that he didn’t even remember kissing Kristen. He told Bravo’s The Daily Dish, “I did a short film, and it was probably 10, 11 years ago and I never saw it for some reason. I randomly bumped into the director again, and long story short, he sent me the link for the short and I was watching it — this was probably two years ago — and it opens up with me making out with some chick. I’m like, 'That mouth looks really familiar.' And then I fast-forwarded it to the end, and I go to the credits and it says, 'Kristen Doute.' I’m like, 'Holy mother shitballs. That’s frickin’ awkward.”
Beau and Stassi both talked more in depth about how Kristen hooked them up on the Vanderpump Rules After Show. Apparently, Kristen had been telling Stassi about Beau for a long time, but the timing was never right. On top of that, Beau didn’t think Stassi seemed like someone he’d be into. Eventually, Kristen had a party at her house, and Stassi and Beau finally met. A couple nights later, they were at another event together and “ended up talking throughout the whole night, closed the bar down,” Beau explained.
Beau has a few other acting credits on his IMDb page, but The Loneliness of the Long Distance Dreamer was his last project. The part-time reality star works in casting, which was initially his job before acting, anyway. He told The Daily Dish, “I came out here to direct and get into casting back when I was 22. But then when you’re in the room and someone was like, 'Hey Beau, do you want to do this part for X amount of money?' I’m like, oh yes, because that’s a crapload of money. So that’s why I randomly did acting.”
And now look, it lead him to Stassi and means he’s one of the many Vanderpump Rules cast members who have kissed more than one of their co-stars. Aww.

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