This Stunned Beyoncé Fan Steals The Show In Netflix's Homecoming Documentary

Photo: Courtesy of Parkwood Entertainment.
Beyoncé blessed us with so many things in a matter of hours: a Netflix documentary, a live Coachella album, a dedication to Michelle Freaking Obama, and our big mood for the rest of this week. Her documentary Homecoming, which follows her for eight months surrounding her headlining act at last year's Coachella, dropped in the middle of the night. Not only have fans already found time to watch the release, they've found time to meme it as well.
It's all thanks to Sydney Hardeman, a 19-year-old longtime Bey fan from Dallas, Texas. She attended #Beychella in 2018, and documented the whole experience on Twitter.
Then, last night, as she was watching Homecoming, she spotted a familiar, shocked face: her own.
During Beyoncé's performance, the camera panned to the audience, which included Hardeman's stunned face in awe of the beauty she was witnessing.
"I was expecting to see myself because I remember the cameraman being in my face the whole time, but I was so happy to be shown because it means Beyoncé knows my face exists," she told BuzzFeed about seeing herself in the doc. "I’m surprised that it blew up, but I knew once Netflix accounts retweeted it, it would catch attention quickly."
After Netflix gave Hardeman's reaction a boost, fans couldn't stop sharing their own take on the image.
Homecoming is on Netflix now. Just be prepared to make this face the entire time you're watching.

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