We Asked Kristen Bell For Good Place Season 4 Intel & Got This Riddle Instead

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In its plethora of great forkin’ jokes, The Good Place always serves up some food for thought. But according to Kristen Bell, the Good Place's upcoming season 4 is going to be a serious game-changer when it comes to "life lessons." That little riddle also came with the promise that the NBC comedy is holding no punches when it comes back this fall and that it will probably make you rethink existence as you know it. Apparently, even more than it already has.
“Season 4 will have more unmissable life lessons than Seasons 1, 2, and 3 combined. It's a lot going down,” Bell tells Refinery 29 while celebrating the official book launch of To Stop a Warlord in Los Angeles. The idea that any season could have more life lessons after season 3, in which Eleanor (Bell) learned to forgive her previously long-conning mother (Leslie Grossman), The Good Place is proven to be too good for any real human, and Chidi (William Jackson Harper) literally gives up his friends and the love of his life to save humankind is forking wild, but Bell insists that's exactly what she and the Soul Squad are bringing next season.
The table read for The Good Place season 4 already has fans dying for more information, so bell agreed to describe Season 4, without fully explaining it. After a silent moment, she explains that creator Michael Shur had just pitched the entirety of the next chapter to her recently, and while she processes the catalogue of what’s about to go down, it’s clear there’s tons to unpack.
“I got a lot of stuff in my head,” she continues. “This fourth season, as an audience member when I watch it, it will be a huge life lesson and it will be incredibly relatable, while also incorporating a ton of fart humor.”
Considering the season 3 finale pretty much wiped the slate clean again. Bell's tease could mean anything, but it does suggest that while the story can sometimes feel unwieldy, it is very pointedly headed somewhere specific.
But while fans eagerly await the next installment, they should know it’ll be worth it. “It's going to be pretty profound,” Bell suggests. “It will be the series one day when my kids get older that I'll watch from start to finish with them and just be like, 'Was that enough advice for you?'”
The Good Place's season 3 finale alone left audiences with tons to think about, especially since Eleanor (Bell) and Chidi Anagonye’s (William Jackson Harper) romance came to an unfortunate end. While the Soul Squad traveled through various dimensions, the last season finale was perhaps more emotional than the show’s twistier prior finales. Still, if there’s one thing the internet isn’t short of, it’s theories about The Good Place from viewers wanting explanations. And while audiences may not get all of the answers they seek next season, at least they know they’ll be enlightened as hell.

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