Your Official Primer On The Dark Lord Mystery From The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

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Warning: Spoilers from Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina are ahead.
From the moment we first saw him in all his drooly goat-headed glory, the Dark Lord on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has had fans trying to determine if there was something more to his identity than meets the eye. I mean, other than Satan, Lucifer, the Devil, and all the other names he goes by.
In season 2 of Sabrina, the Dark Lord gets a literal voice (and by season's end, much more, but we'll put a pin in that for now). But whether you're just starting season 2 or you've finished every last episode and still need some answers, here's everything you need to know about CAOS' guiding mystery in its second outing.

First, There Are The Leading Dark Lord Identity Theories

Theory 1: Father Blackwood is the Dark Lord
This isn't a very popular theory, since Faustus is always trying to grab more power and not quite succeeding at it, which doesn't seem like the Dark Lord's style. Still, he's quite a bad guy, and there are certain words he pronounces that sound similar in that vague British-ish accent of theirs. If the devil's intent is to cause chaos and dissent to pave the way for the apocalypse, Blackwood is certainly getting something done in that respect.
Theory 2: Edward Spellman is the Dark Lord
We've only seen an idealized version of Sabrina's father, the late high priest, through her eyes. Could be he was really the Big Bad himself all along. That would explain why he was so fixated on her choosing the path of night. It doesn't explain why he would fake his own death and let her be raised in such a way that she might choose not to become a witch after all.
Theory 3: Nick Scratch is the Dark Lord
This is the one that gained the most traction throughout the first season. The biggest clue is that some people call the devil "Old Nick" and some call him "Mr. Scratch." Nick's interest in Sabrina is almost as obsessed as the Dark Lord's — like, beyond the level you'd expect from a typical boy fascinated by the cute new girl in school. You can never quite tell if his nice guy act is sincere. Reddit really likes this one, and they have many more examples of possible hints here.
Theory 4: The Dark Lord is just himself
If he could take the form of anyone else, why would he also need to use Lilith/Ms. Wardwell to do his bidding to get Sabrina on his side?

Then, There's The Truth About The Dark Lord

Warning: Spoilers from Chapter 20 start here.
So, who was right? I'm just giving the nonbinge-ers one more sentence before I go on...
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
So, this guy (above) is Lucifer and the Dark Lord, after all.
Who Plays The Dark Lord & Why Is He So Handsome?
By the time Sabrina inadvertently fulfills the prophecy and allows the goat-man of the hour to come to earth in his original form, the fallen angel Lucifer Morningstar, in the season 2 finale, the Dark Lord is played by Australian actor Luke Cook, not any other person we've already seen. (Funny enough, he did once play Dorian Gray on The Librarians, so if anyone guessed he was secretly the never-aging club owner on Sabrina, they were sort of the closest.)
So, All Those Dark Lord Theories Were Just... Wrong?
Sort of. We also see him interacting with Nick and Father Blackwood, which eliminates any shape-shifter theories. As for the theory that he was Sabrina's father, that's kind of true — the Dark Lord is actually Sabrina's father, he's just not Edward Spellman, who she thought was her biological father. This explains the Dark Lord's Sabrina obsession, and makes it sliiiightly less icky that he wants her to be his queen, since I guess he means that she is his heir, not his child-bride. Not even Satan would do that.
Of course, there's also the fact that the Nicholas Scratch theory isn't technically busted — since the series leaves us with the cliffhanger of Nick's fate. In order to contain Lucifer so that Sabrina can be free, Nick traps the Dark Lord in his own body. So technically, Nick Scratch is currently the Dark Lord.
That said, it seems to be Sabrina's entire mission in Season 3 to save her self-sacrificing boyfriend from the devil himself. Not today, Satan, indeed.
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