The Cast Of What We Do In The Shadows Is About To Upend The Vampire Genre

Photo: Courtesy of FX.
The only thing that gives vampires a run for their money when it comes to immortality is the unrelenting love for films and shows about them.
Creators of FX's newest addition to the genre, Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement, are resurrecting their unique brand of vampiric comedy with an entirely new cast of characters in What We Do In The Shadows, a 10-episode series based on their film of the same name. Living together under one roof in Staten Island, these vampires' day-to-day lives are followed by a documentary crew. They came to America hundreds of years ago with a mission to conquer the newly-forming country; however, not all goes to plan. Now, in present day, their mission has all but been forgotten.
They're undead, they're eccentric, and they are far more interested in settling their roommate disputes and trekking to Manhattan for a night out. They don't seem interested in fighting over the fate of the world, which is often the case with movies about these mythical beings. Their interests are far more... human.
Waititi and Clement first tapped into the vein (pun intended) of undead mockumentaries in 2005 with a short film interviewing vampires about how they exist in the modern-day. This concept turned into the 2014 cult classic feature film What We Do In The Shadows which Waititi and Clement created and starred in. Just like when vampires get a taste for blood, fans couldn't get enough.
But in case you're new to the Shadows, we've compiled a list of cast and characters so you can get to know all the vampires before the show premieres on March 27.

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