(Another) Starbucks Happy Hour You Won't Want To Miss

Photographed by Beth Sacca.
Today, Starbucks is hosting another late-week happy hour and this time, it’s slicing prices in half.
Work can be rough and the afternoon slump is very real. So today, when the clock strikes 3 p.m., you can shuffle on down to your nearest Starbucks because hand-crafted espresso bevvies grande or larger are 50% off.
Want to try Ariana Grande’s controversial Cloud Macchiato? $2.10. Need a big latte to stand outside your office building like an Olsen twin on-the-go? $2.08. Want a friend to pretend to be your assistant, go fetch you the biggest cappuccino Starbucks can make, wait for you to walk past her and take it à la Anna Wintour? For just a few hours today, it’ll all be half-off.

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