Everything You Need To Know About PLL: Perfectionists' Answer To Rosewood

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We’re trading in the East Coast for the West Coast for Pretty Little Liarsbrand new spin-off series, PLL: The Perfectionists. Say goodbye to muted Earth tones of Rosewood, Pennsylvania and hello to the also muted Earth tones of the new PLL destination, Beacon Heights, Oregon. We’re never going to escape the color red no matter how hard we try when Liars are involved, are we? The answer is no, so we might as well accept it.
While the scenery might not be bold and bright, at least we can rely on the fashion to add that pop of color we need. Rosewood and Rosewood High played a huge role in the Pretty Little Liars, it appears that Beacon Heights is going to do the same this time around. The series is based off a book by the same name by Sara Shepard (who also wrote the Pretty Little Liars series), but there are some differences between the book’s setting, and where we find ourselves for the television show. In the novels, the setting of Beacon Heights is located in Washington; for the series, we’ve been moved to Oregon. It’s all still the Pacific Northwest so it’s not a major detail, and not one that’s going to necessarily impact the overall series in any major way.

One Major Difference From PLL: Original Recipe

We’ve maybe even seen the location come into play for The Perfectionists already with the released promos, as one of them prominently features umbrellas and rain. The Pacific Northwest is certainly known for it’s above-average rainy climate — but then again, it snows all the time in Pennsylvania, yet Rosewood seemed to be trapped in some weird eternal summer where the seasons never changed, and if they did, it just happened offscreen and we weren’t allowed to ask any follow-up questions about it.

Is Beacon Heights A Real Place?

Also, don’t bother trying to locate Beacon Heights on a map, as the location is completely fictional. While there’s no too much information readily available about the town yet, we’re led to believe — just like the title suggests — that Beacon Heights is also pretty near damn perfect, including everyone and everything in it. The show’s synopsis even calls out Beacon Heights' “top-tier college to their overachieving residents.”

Where Does PLL: Perfectionists Film?

Another change between the novels and the series is the school’s setting. The Perfectionists novels revolve around the kids still in high school, but we’re aging them up for the series. Say goodbye to Beacon Heights High School, and hello to Beacon Heights University, aka BHU. This, just like the city itself, is a very fictional university, so don’t try to schedule any campus tours in the near future. However, if you are looking to visit The Perfectionists shooting locations, the show uses Pacific University’s campus for filming, so taking a trip there isn’t completely out of the realm of possibility.
So while the town and the university sound like a pretty nice place to live, it’s this constant strive for perfection that leads to the town’s first murder and that’s when we’re dropped into the story with The Perfectionists. Come on, what would a Pretty Little Liars series even be without a small town and a murder? These two go hand in hand.

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