Oh My God, Olivia Jade Was In Eighth Grade

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Turns out Olivia Jade, the YouTuber wrapped up in the college admissions scandal, is also a movie star. Comedian and writer Lana Schwartz noticed that the 19-year-old beauty guru actually appears in the first few minutes of Eighth Grade when Kayla (Elsie Fisher) is watching a makeup tutorial to get ready for school.
"oh my god the makeup tutorial kayla watches at the beginning of eighth grade is an olivia jade makeup tutorial," Schwartz tweeted.
I immediately went to Amazon dot com to check this out for myself, and when I tell you I SCREAMED. Summer 2018 seems like such a simpler time when one could watch an Olivia Jade video titled "EVERYDAY MAKEUP TUTORIAL" without simultaneously wondering if she knew her parents had allegedly bribed her way into the University Of Southern California.
Photo: A24.
Here is said video:
It has over 2 millions views and I'll say it: it's good! This girl knows her way around a beauty blender, so it makes sense that's who Kayla would turn to before a harrowing day of talking to crushes and sweating. Does this mean 8th graders often turn to Olivia Jade for her expertise? I trust Elise Fisher's choices more than my own — so, yes.
Refinery29 has reached out to Fisher and director Bo Burnham's rep to see if either of them are a fan of the creator. On a related note, if Burnham is looking for another movie to direct, this college admissions scandal pretty much writes itself.

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