All The Crime Scene Locations You Need To Remember For The Case Of Adnan Syed

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For an audio series with absolutely no visuals, the first season of the podcast Serial certainly spawned a great interest in maps and floor plans. As listeners turned into detectives, trying to solve the question of whether Adnan Syed killed ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee, they joined host Sarah Koenig and her producers in focusing in on the scene of the crime and its aftermath. Now, with the introduction of HBO's follow-up series, The Case Against Adnan Syed, interest in the case has officially been renewed. But Serial listeners might not remember everything about the case, which first gained popularity in 2014. Details you really need to remember to follow along? All the crime scene and Adnan Syed case locations. Here's every place you need to keep in mind while watching the new doc:
A community in west Baltimore, where Adnan and Hae went to school. According to the 2000 census (a year after Hae's death), the population was 36,000 — 38 percent white, 52 percent Black, and 6 percent Asian.
Woodlawn High School
The high school attended by Adnan, Hae, and many of their friends. Adnan and Hae were in the school's smaller, tight-knit magnet program. This is where Hae was last scene alive at 2:25 p.m. on January 13, 1999.
Baltimore Public Library Woodlawn Branch
The library directly across the street from Woodlawn High School, where many students hung out after school, especially when they had extracurricular activities that started later in the afternoon. Asia McClain has testified that she saw Adnan here at 2:30 p.m. on January 13, 1999. Surveillance from the security cameras in the library at the time was recorded on tapes, which were recycled every week.
The Best Buy on Security Blvd.
This is where Adnan allegedly strangled Hae, according to Jay Wilds. Jay said that Adnan called him from a payphone in the parking lot there to come pick him up. In one interview with police, Jay said that when he showed up, Adnan allegedly showed him Hae's body in the trunk of her car, though Jay later changed that story. There is a part of the parking lot out of view of security cameras, where Adnan and his friend Ja'uan once smoked pot, and Adnan told Jay he had sex with Hae there. (You can find both Jay's and Ja'uan's hand-drawn maps of the place here.) On Serial, Sarah Koenig could not initially confirm the existence of a pay phone at the store, but some Redditors later said they were pretty sure there used to be two in the lobby. Koenig eventually obtained architectural drawings that showed a plan for the phone as well.
Patapsco Valley State Park
This is a very scenic park along a river where Jay told police that he and Adnan went to smoke weed after Hae's murder. In Serial Episode 5, "Route Talk," Koenig and producer Dana Chivvis discover that there's no way they could have done this and still had time to get Adnan to track practice.
Leakin Park
Pronounced "Lincoln" for some reason, this park, combined with adjacent Gwynn Falls Park, consists of more than 1000 acres of wooded, untamed land on the western edge of Baltimore. Unfortunately, something about its seclusion combined with easily accessible roads has made it the city's favorite place to bury bodies. Its infamy has been helped by The Wire, among other fictional depictions of Baltimore, but the truth might be even scarier than fiction. This map shows where 79 bodies have been found in the place. When Mr. S stopped by there on February 9, allegedly because he needed to pee between his home and his work, he walked 127 feet from his car and saw Hae's body in a very shallow grave.
These are the main spots to remember as HBO's docuseries attempts to add depth to the case.

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