How Shameless (& Fans) Said Goodbye To Fiona Last Night

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Saying goodbye is never easy, but it's especially difficult when you've spent nine seasons together. Last night, after dropping the bombshell news over the summer that she would be leaving the Showtime series, Emmy Rossum appeared on Shameless as Fiona Gallagher for the last time.
The long-awaited episode wastes no time in setting up Fiona's departure. In combination with the $100,000 she's received and the realization that the family she's spent a decade raising can now survive without her, it's just a visit with the previously-absent Ian (Cameron Monaghan, who will return next season) that seals the deal.
"Go as far away from here as you can and don’t ever look back," he tells her from jail. "I’ll always be here for you. Always."
You don't need to tell her twice. A stunted but emotional goodbye with Frank (William H. Macy) and the gift of $50,000 to Debbie (Emma Kenney) are the last things on Fiona's list before she boards a plane to...somewhere. The exact location will be revealed next season, but until then, fans are reflecting on all the memories they shared with Fiona — and Rossum.
Speaking of:
"Tonight, on my last evening as Fiona, I want to express my gratitude and love for the Shameless family and our faithful audience," the actress wrote on Twitter ahead of the episode. "It’s been an honor and privilege to be your Fiona."
As soon as the episode aired, the heartbreaking reactions started rolling in.
"Thank you @emmyrossum for making us laugh, cry, & smile during the many episodes of @SHO_Shameless," one fan wrote. "Your portrayal of Fiona was so genuine and real. It was so entertaining to watch you week after week. I look forward to seeing what you do next! You will be missed!"
Another noticed a thoughtful detail:
"So many great tear-jerking scenes on this season finale, thanks @emmyrossum for giving life to Fiona character during 9 incredible seasons, we'll miss you on @SHO_Shameless," another wrote.
While this episode definitely gave viewers the closure they need to deal with this loss, just remember that the door is always open for Rossum's return.
"It is always bittersweet when an ensemble member decides to move out of the proverbial house, but our door will always remain open for Fiona to return home for a visit or to move back in," showrunner and executive producer John Wells said in a statement to Refinery29 when the news first broke. "I look forward to continuing the stories of this wildly unpredictable family and all of us on Shameless will miss Emmy and her wonderful Fiona."
Shameless will return for season 10, but the exact premiere date is still unknown.

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