Everything You Need To Know About The Newest Summer House Cast Member

Photo: Courtesy of Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo.
Like the popping of daffodils through the hard ground of winter, the new season of Bravo’s Summer House means one thing — spring and summer are almost here. It’s about as scientific as a groundhog poking its head up from a hole in the ground, but it’s way more fun. And there’s way less biting. As we prepare to dig into a new season of rose magnums and debauchery, viewers may notice there are a few new faces in the Hamptons. Like, for example: Who is Hannah Berner from Summer House?
She’s a funny lady with ties to the area already (which means she can make a quick exit when and if things get weird). According to her BravoTV.com profile, Hannah was born in Brooklyn, but, via an interview Hannah did with Long Island newspaper Newsday, Berner actually spent a lot of time on Shelter Island — it’s the little island between the two forks — when she was growing up, just miles away from the Summer House house. She summered there with her family in her adolescence, and they spend most major celebrations out there, still. But partying with her family is not quite the same experience Hannah had in the Bravo summer house. “I like to relax and play tennis, play golf. I’m like a retired old man in a 27-year-old body,” Berner said of her more relaxed summers with her family. “[But] going to the Hamptons to hang out with people my age was a fun new experience.” Still, she’s used to the Hamptons experience, which will probably give her a chiller vibe than the people who have never been there before. Old news, you know?
When she’s not partying with the cast, as one does, Hannah will probably take advantage of the house’s tennis court — she was a competitive tennis player in her youth, and she also played in college at the University Of Wisconsin. In terms of how Hannah pays the bills, she recently worked at Betches Media as a Creative Video Producer, per her LinkedIn, until December 2018, when she struck out on her own to create Berning In Hell, her brand-new podcast. It’s there, according to Bravo, that Hannah “interviews her guests about their insecurities, anxieties and fears.” She’s also an advocate for mental health.
Hannah seems like the perfect addition to the Summer House, but just in case she gets lonely, fellow Betches Media alum Jordan Verroi is also joining the cast. It’s always good to have a buddy!
And Hannah’s Instagram is full of jokes and funny videos, which, besides being great self-promotion, is also good for the vibe in the Summer House house. There’s so much drama in this group of people that it definitely needs someone to make a fart joke and break the tension. That person, it seems, is Hannah Berner, and she’ll definitely be a fun one to watch this season on Summer House.

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